25 Apps For Uber/Lyft Drivers to Make More Money!


thanks so much for coming and if you’re returning thanks for coming back you know just to introduce myself for all the.

    Newcomers and anyone who might have forgot Who .

    I am my.

    Name is Dylan and this is the rideshare hub it’s a channel all about making more money as an uber or lyft driver and it’s for.

    New drivers for experienced drivers and for people who are just considering being a driver and that goes for all the other food delivery companies as well so just to let you guys know .

    I’m doing this thing once .

    I hit 10,000 subscribers .

    I’m giving away a car right so make sure to subscribe to stay tuned for that all right so today’s video is 25 apps for uber and lyft drivers to make more money and .

    I’ve been driving for a while and just from this YouTube channel .

    I’ve heard a lot about all these different companies and apps and .


    I just wanted to make this video just to put it all together these are 25 ways there’s probably more but these are the ones that .

    I found over the past year or so just to increase your earnings so .

    I’m just gonna link up my computer screen here so you guys can follow along with me all right so we’re all linked up here and like .

    I said these are 25 apps for drivers to make more money this video isn’t sponsored however if you do use my link for the in the description to sign up for a company called stereo you can use my referral code but anyways this is the first one this one is called writer so let me just go to .


    I know the this is Rider it’s an ultimate assistant for writer and delivery drivers so they’re pretty sweet alright so basically if you use different apps uber lyft food delivery etc you can choose which one you use or you can upload all of them and then it’ll show you it’ll give you a breakdown you know which app you’re making more money on it shows you like high demand areas so it like lays out maps events you can plan your week out your day out and this is the best part about it you can track your mileage and expenses for tax deductions which is super important you know if you’re making $50,000 as an uber and lyft driver you’re probably gonna owe around ten to fifteen thousand dollars in taxes however if you track all your miles and your tax deductions you’ll probably owe close to.


    Nothing so Ryder is a great way for that yes so for ten thousand it actually just went up to fifty eight cents so this should be like 58 $5,800 but yeah and it’s all around the country so it’s.


    Not specific like a lot of these apps are that you’ll see the right shirt guy talked about them which is pretty cool .

    I mean you can just download it here .


    I don’t have a referral code or anything but yeah they seem pretty sweet all right so the.

    Next one is viewer viewer is really interesting guys so viewer is a advertising service that you can use in your car and basically they put it on the back of your head set of your.

    Not head set your what is it called headrest Wow headrest.


    Not headset yeah you put it on the back of your head rest for your passengers and .


    I think they can like yeah candy crush looks like they have like partnerships it looks like and that .

    I think it’s every time you cite every time your passenger looks at an ad you’ll make some money so yeah let’s see earn $150 per month by advertising so yeah that’s pretty cool they provide the customers the hardware device you provide the pastor so basically they pay they cover all the costs of your you know of the tablets here and then yeah so basically you provide the customers and then yeah you get paid so let’s see yeah .

    I don’t maybe .

    I’ll try to get a promo code for them so .


    I don’t know .

    I don’t know why but .

    I don’t know whatever maybe .

    I’ll earn some way yeah and then .

    I guess you can save 20 cents per gallon so definitely check them out if you want to earn some you know an extra $150 per month stereo stereo is great this is the one where if you use my signup code .


    I’ll get .

    I think .

    I get like a little bonus and then .

    I think you late you don’t get a bonus but you basically just get fast-tracked to sign up quicker because they are on their own they have a waitlist right.

    Now but if you sign up using my referral link or it’s you type in my referral code it’s right your hub 18 and yeah you basically get signed up super quickly and let’s see yeah so basically this one is you you play music in your car through their app it’s super simple they already have set playlist set up for you so you just click play and then every time you play a song you’ll get you’ll get some money so .

    I think on average somebody just sent somebody signed up with my code a couple weeks ago and then in two weeks they made a hundred dollars so he said oh yeah after you know a month or so .

    I’ll probably make like to two hundred and three hundred bucks which you know isn’t it bad at all that’s you know .


    I don’t .

    I wouldn’t mind getting after three hundred dollars so they’re pretty cool .

    I’ve used them myself definitely check them out yeah and it looks like they have a bunch of different styles that you can choose from based on whatever you want to you know listen to or whatever your pastors want us to do the.

    Next one is products lab so product club is super interesting like.


    No one really knows about them they’re pretty secretive except .

    I feel like .

    I’ve been giving them a lot of exposure let me just go to my YouTube channel really quick so yeah this is my YouTube channel here obviously and if you go down to videos .

    I made a video on product lab it’s called it’s like the $500 survey here we go yeah .


    I made it a month ago but basically .


    I’ll put the link in the description below but this is where .

    I have the link just so .

    I can get to a quicker basically they pay you 500 bucks a year to fill out a survey and .

    I just selected lyft and uber .

    I think .

    I might have just selected lift and then all all .

    I do is .

    I screenshot my earnings for that week every Monday and they send me $10 on PayPal it takes literally 15 seconds if that maybe 30 seconds total and it’s deposited directly into my PayPal like right away so yes just click on whatever you do and then you can get $10 per week .

    I mean it’s $500 a year it’s.

    Nothing crazy but it’s worth that these things add up the.

    Next one play octopus this one is similar to fewer so basically this one is more like they have these these like spot the difference games in trivia .

    I think they focus on trivia and yeah there’s a little tablet in the back of year on the back of your head rests.

    Not heads up and your passengers can basically play these little games and probably ever you like minute or so they’ll play an app like this and yeah you get paid for every time you know somebody watches an app maybe you get more if they click on it .


    Not really sure but yeah they give you a free tablet .

    I think you.

    Need to do like 100 rides per month to stay active and then yeah that’s pretty much it all right so moving on to the.

    Next one ride with surf ride with surf is .

    I think they’re like a.

    New one but .

    I also think yeah they are all these tablet companies are coming out so definitely check these out yeah so they give you free tablet and it looks like your pastors can watch like TV shows or like yeah .

    I think they’re most they’re more like TV shows and stuff rather than games it looks like they’re only in a couple of locations Chicago Dallas .

    I don’t know check them out .

    I don’t know too much about them but if you’re in these areas well.

    No .

    I guess this guy in L.

    A does it as well in Phoenix .

    I don’t know where where are they located let me if .

    I can see where they’re located up let me just try to sign up and see if .

    I can check in my locations oh yeah wait what is surf it’s free what’s the catch they should definitely say where they are because on their map it looks like the only in a couple locations .

    I don’t know check them out if you want .


    I don’t want to get too far than us the.


    Next one is out of you out of you is surprisingly another one of these companies out of you ride share they’re super small take it as you will they only have twenty drivers so yeah .

    I mean maybe you can be one of their first customers but basically it’s a ride-sharing service they look a little you know these are those other companies are bigger but definitely worth checking out as well .

    I don’t know maybe maybe you see all five of them and which one pays you more wrap of five wrap of is really really cool guys .

    I actually know the C.


    O of this of this company his.

    Name is uh gosh .


    I think his.

    Name is James Heller .

    I don’t want to mess that up because James Heller rapid-fire let me just see if that’s him yeah that’s the guy this guy’s great he’s their C.



    O check out their videos if you want but basically they will wrap your car like they wrap you the heck out of your car and you get paid a lot of money they it’s like a flat rate per you know per rap that they do there’s another one called referral car they pay per referral this one just pays you like based on whatever is on your car for ya four hundred of five hundred dollars per month with.

    No upfront costs definitely check these guys out it’s definitely worth it you can make some extra really cool money and .

    I don’t .

    I don’t really mind .

    I don’t see pays for your car if you have a car payment alright the.


    Next one is cargo you guys have probably heard of cargo this is like the biggest rideshare service company they put products in your car .

    I know a lot of people don’t like this stuff but because they don’t like food in their car but they actually do it it’s actually the turn all the transactions are made at the end of each ride so usually they just take the bar and go they’re.

    Not eating it in your car usually but yeah you can make $100 to $300 per month and they have these little like power bars gum is that like Nutella thing .

    I don’t know whatever yeah this will strawberry things and then they also have like phone chargers and stuff you they send it to you for free what’s great about all these things yeah and they have a.

    New cargo cooler which .

    I think you can keep it like in your trunk or under your seat but like .


    I said it’s all done after the ride .

    I think so yeah so are you wretched River yeah but .

    I was gonna say the cool thing about this is that you don’t.

    Need to pay for any of these things they’re all free so there’s.

    No there’s.

    Not really any risk you don’t.

    Need to like go out and buy a bunch of snacks oh and the cool thing about this is you get free a free snack every day like they they refill your box and you get a free snack which is pretty cool for you and a lot of the snacks are free for the passengers so they don’t even.

    Need to pay because it’s like advertising for the company’s the.

    Next one is carver ties they’re pretty similar to to wrap a PHY but they yeah they they advertise on your car and you get paid for for signing up .

    I don’t know that’s that’s their whole website yeah .

    I this is self explanatory that you just get paid .



    Not sure how much you get paid let me just see if if it says how much you get paid blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah where is the money part that’s all .

    I care about hundred dollars per month yeah 100 bucks a month why.

    Not Carver to rap a fight they say you make 400 or 500 bucks a month so .


    I don’t know .


    I’d probably go through .

    Alpha Phi but carpet eyes looks pretty cool too the.

    Next one referral car so this is the one .

    I think you can make a lot of money but people actually have to sign up they have to like pay like this one yeah so grow your .

    Instagram so if somebody wants to grow their .

    Instagram they use your referral code you get like some money and you know cuz they’re actually paying money paying customers but .

    I don’t think you make any money flattery which .


    Not too much of a fan of .

    I like the the flat rate GasBuddy this is a good one it shows you where all the cheapest gas prices are in your area and then you also get money back if you sign up for an account you get money back on each gallon yeah cost calculator gas price map let’s see advertise .

    I don’t know trip out of tracker pay with pay with gas money .

    I think this is so yeah save 5 cents a gallon every time you fill up if you go the.

    Next ones view go Hugo is so they yeah you can sign up and advertise on your car with them these guys are really interesting um the guy actually talked to their mr.



    O yeah yeah it was there or one of their founders and they they’re actually talking about yeah this is the guy .

    I know Rob fluster really really cool guy this guy’s cool .

    I’ve seen him talk in a like a pitch competition before but basically they’re trying to let’s see if .

    I can find it they’re trying to help make transportation free so basically you know as cars are getting cheaper more sustainable electric all those things they’re trying to make it free so people will you know the avert the passenger will say like an ad that’s targeted specifically to them and then but yeah basically they sorry it’s really like long story to try to explain it all but basically can advertise with your car and make some extra money all right the.

    Next one is trip cam trip cam is really cool .

    I actually haven’t talked to anyone at their company but this one .

    I’m excited because .

    I actually was thinking about creating something similar but they actually have it already so this thing it’s called recording so they they record all of your your trips through their tablet which is good for safety so it tracks all of your yeah you feel safer and keep pastors accountable all footages sore for 14 days so basically it’s like a dash cam so it’s like free dash cam and you get paid people can tip through it and it’s entertaining expenses everything this is really cool definitely check them out this is like yeah if whatever you work for uber lyft all our wings you must be international because .

    I think .

    Ola is in like different company different countries but but yeah so the.

    Next one is square square is really cool really simple .

    I think it’s called square up yeah so basically all you all you do is they send you this little thing here and customers can tip you through this through square if they want to swipe the credit card and pay you you know a lot of people don’t carry cash on them and you know you do.

    Need to pay taxes on tips that you get through your app so if a you know a lot if a passenger wants to tip you through here they can and you keep a hundred percent of the tips without paying any taxes you probably do.

    Need to pay taxes but .

    I don’t know some people don’t like tipping through the apps do the app alright the.

    Next one is venmo memos the same thing except .

    I don’t think you technically.

    Need to pay this because this is more like a gift .

    I think already for taxes it’s completely free .

    I use it a lot .

    I use it for when .

    I go out to eat with friends for for my bills because .

    I do have a roommate so .

    I just charge them on bed mo bundle is really good but for ride share drivers a lot of times like your pastor will be like hey how can .

    I tip you .

    I don’t have any cash and you say .

    Oh send it to my venmo and then just because it’s like on the app and they can just type in whatever amount they want people are going to tip you like $10 .

    I don’t know why but like because you can just change the price so easily just people are more inclined to pay more alright the.

    Next one .

    Omni so .

    Omni is let me see if .

    I can find it right away this one’s kind of hard to find .

    Omni fund .

    I believe this is it.

    No that’s.

    Not it it’s like a rideshare oh .


    Need to type in uber and lyft that’s what .

    I remember they.

    Need to work on their S.


    O this one.


    No .

    I’m the encumbered expert yeah so basically anytime you get into an accident they’re going to pay for the time that you have to take off yeah so there so you pay like a certain amount per month and that you get $2,000 coverage for your loss of uber and lyft income you.

    Need like a thousand rides which is pretty easy 4.8 rating.

    Nothing crazy.

    No accident two years basically if you can qualify for this then you get like two grand if you ever get into an accident to make up for your lost income alright so the.

    Next one is maestro maestro is really cool for the simple reason that you can switch from uber and lyft you can work both apps that’s literally all it does you don’t.

    Need to like as soon as you accept a ride on uber it logs you out of lift and as soon as this after out of lift blocks at a Cooper and .

    I believe it like coordinates you know your uber and lift accounts and basically if you don’t have that you can still do it except sometimes you’re gonna get a ride a quest and it can hurt your cancel eight it can hurt your cancellation acceptance rate whatever earned $25 refer.

    New drivers we love offering your.

    New ways to increase your profits get off their first annual bill or five dollars off their first monthly bill peripheral if they buy it in your plan or five dollars if they buy a monthly plan .

    I don’t feel like downloading it so sorry yeah maybe maybe .

    I’ll reach out to them and see if .

    I get her for a link because .

    I don’t want to sign up for it right.

    Now but yeah anyways the.

    Next one Turo guys you don’t.

    Need to download all of these .

    I don’t have all of these either these are just ones that these are just ones that like .

    I found and you know you can use some of them you can use all of them is however many you want turbo is really cool you can rent your car out when you’re.

    Not driving uber and lyft say you go on a vacation for a week and you know you can rent your car out you can set it up you can set the price and yeah basically you can make extra money while you’re.

    Not driving really simple hire car hire car same thing same exact thing and this is good these good these are also good if you have a second car so like me .

    I only have one car right.

    Now but .

    I used to have two cars and so .

    I would rent it out on Turo or or hire car just to make some extra cash yeah same thing if you’re going out you know say you would get a promotion at your job or you.

    Need to work overtime of your job for a month because a lot of .

    I know a lot of us work multiple jobs or some of you guys are like actors you know so if you get called in for a movie for a week you don’t.

    Need your car you know rent it out on hire car from .

    Arturo super simple all right the.

    Next one is beautify beautify .

    I believe this is also an advertising yep an advertiser way for drivers to make money super simple they provide all the equipment if this will ever load and yeah looks pretty sweet let’s see how much money you can make if they do say it get paid every month doesn’t say how much but .

    I’m guessing at least $100 Wow their website doesn’t even work for signing up .

    I don’t know well .

    I’ll have to come back to that one .

    I’m sure there’s a way to do it .

    I just yeah .

    I don’t have the time right.

    Now because .


    Need to finish this video and get starting studying and writing an essay so .

    I’ll look at that later but you can check it out in your own .

    I mean you guys can figure it out .

    I knew you guys are smart giggle giggle is really cool they provide um electronic devices for uber and lyft drivers so you can get a phone from them and it has like unlimited data and .

    I think it’s linked $12 a week or something which is like $60 12 yeah 1250 per week stick with us for two years and the phone is yours so if you just use it for two years you get a free phone they’re.

    Not a free but you know you pay for it and yeah .

    I think you can get like tablets – oh yeah it’s just a phone you get a phone cool if you’re working for a gig company or proof so .

    I think they pretty much approve everyone the.

    Next one is Spotify guys .

    I’m sure you know Spotify is and there’s other apps too like .

    Apple music Pandora even YouTube has a music app.

    Now but basically what it is you know they play music for you and gosh .

    I’m sorry .

    I just woke up and .

    I’m tired but basically Spotify they play music and they have Sat playlist already for you so you can you know make play the music that your passengers might want to hear and you give more tips this way .

    I think it’s like ten dollars a month and you know your tips will make up for that for sure alright the.

    Next one is grid wise grid wise this one it’s the.

    Number one app for edge stars .

    I know .

    I always thought that was funny drivers earn 39 percent more per hour so let’s say you’re already making $30 an hour what is 30 times was it 39 percent 30 times 0.39 whoops let me let me open up my calculator what is 30 times point three.

    Nine eleven dollars so basically if you’re already making three dollars per hour you’re gonna.

    Now make 41.7 per hour all right grid wise .

    I’m holding you to that .

    I’m gonna sign up a knife .

    I don’t make forty-one dollars an hour then .

    I’m gonna sue you.

    No .

    I’m just kidding but .

    I think it just analyzes your performance shows you where like airports are and yeah seems pretty self-explanatory this guy looks pretty cool Brian Fenimore .

    I like your beard bro.

    Nice beanie dude and that’s some sweet hair so might as well sign up just to support these guys and the last one is fare pilots fare pilots really cool they also just show you where like surge pricing are is they help you find customers yeah so basically this one they use the passenger app .

    I suppose the driver app to show you where the passengers aren’t rather than the driver app which sometimes the companies just want you to go somewhere they yeah but and all the other drivers are going there yeah for your products cool check them out they seem really cool and yeah that’s about it guys thank you guys so much for watching .

    I hope you enjoyed this video .

    I hope you learned at least one.

    New app that you haven’t heard of before and also yeah make sure to subscribe to see more videos like this one thank you to all the.

    New viewers who have come and if you watch the end of the video comment below .

    I watched till the end and .

    I might follow you back or .

    I might subscribe to your channel and yeah follow me on instagram Facebook we have a Facebook group if you want to join that and yeah that’s it remember guys giving away cart 10,000 subscribers so subscribe so you know when that is otherwise this is about another episode of the ride share hub .

    I will see you all.

    Next time bye

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