How to use the Uber driver app


hello everyone this is Philip from the Phil good driver channel today .

    I will explain to you how to use the uber driver app and .

    I will show you every detail of the app so at the end of this video .

    I hope that with that you will know how to use the uber driver app but most importantly that you will feel more comfortable hitting the road for the first time so just after the introduction video let’s jump right into it okay so.

    Now .

    I’m going to show you how to use the uber driver app so first you.

    Need to start the app click on it okay before before .

    I start as you can see my uber driver app is in French however .

    I will translate every feature as we go and .

    I’m pretty sure you’ll be it will be easy for you to compare it to your .


    English uber app so okay so we you have started the app on your phone and once you are connected to the server you will be redirected to the home screen so you can.

    Now visualize the city map and your position in it you are the blue circle with a small white arrow you can also zoom in and out the image by using your two fingers you can zoom like this or you can zoom the image by tapping twice on your screen and where you are tapping twice it’s gonna focus the image right there and you can move the map from left to right and bottom the top with your index click on the target which is top right of your screen to recenter your screen like this okay so on the top left corner of your screen you should see a blue button.

    Next to it you can read off line it means you can’t receive passenger requests so basically you are.

    Not working therefore to start working and receive passenger requests you have to click on the blue button it will then slide to the right and it will.


    Now read online so you click on it and.


    Now it’s it’s it’s in French it’s written a lien but in .


    English it would be online so basically it means that you are working .

    I’m gonna go offline because .


    I don’t want to get calls because .

    I’m recording a video right.

    Now but you see what .


    I mean so on the top right corner of your screen you can see three small bars click on them to enter the destination filter menu so we’re gonna click top right so this is the destination filter menu this functionality is used to filter requests that are going towards a specific address or exactly at the address that you will put in so you can use this functionality twice a day only so since Quebec City is a touristic area and Quebec City is my market .


    I use this destination filter to get trips leaving the old Quebec to the airport and that really helps me to maximize my earnings because here a trip from the .

    OL Quebec to the airport is at least 15 bucks so if .

    I do it twice a day .

    I have at least 30 bucks for for sure so .


    I’m gonna show you how to use it so you click on the destination filter the blue here and then use you set your address as the airport click on it and then it will ask you if you want to go online with this address so if you click online it will search for trips that are only going to the airport or in the direction of that so .

    I’m gonna go offline because .

    I don’t want to have a trip but you can see how it works so also you can use it if you want to go back home so you could enter your personal address or your workplace let’s say that you work part-time and you have another job and you want to go back to to your workplace well you would enter that address in the destination filter so .

    I suggest you to use it very wisely because you can only use it twice a day okay so.

    Now let’s explore the daily earning box it’s right at the bottom so you click on it once so it will pop the menu here you can find your daily earnings your total time spent online and the.


    Number of Rights you have completed every time you see a small so yeah so as you can see .

    I have 0 everywhere because .

    I didn’t work today and .

    I don’t know if you see that little arrow to the top right of the box but every time you see that small arrow you can click on it to open a page and have more detailed information so if you click on it you will get into another page where you will have more details about your daily earnings ok down below and in the home screen you will see other boxes and in those boxes it’s usually very important uber message so .

    I suggest you to take some time to read them so let’s say that uber Quebec sent me an information that there’s going to be a delay in in the pay for my return of the taxes so it’s kind of important to know that you’re gonna have a delay so they will they will contact you via your home screen in those little boxes and you can see also you have like some achievements like right.

    Now .

    I have completed over 2,000 rides at.


    Night so you can click and have more details so it’s very important to go here and read the message because it’s how .

    Ober will get in touch with you so.

    Now .

    I will explain you the most important component of the app it’s money money the earning tab so click on the earning tab in this page you will find these elements the weekly earning the blue cash button which is like the daily pay the.


    Number of trips completed in a week your balance promotions referrals and transaction activity menu so click on weekly earnings at the top of your screen so here you will you should be able to see the current week and the earning associated with it so right.

    Now we are in the the week of the 29th of January to February 5th so you can see the the earnings that .

    I have during that week so .

    I have generated 213 and 85 cents and .


    I have worked 11 hours and .


    I have completed 25 trips so let’s see that you want to see the past week so what you do is you click on the the arrow which is a drop down menu and all the past weeks will be will be there so you can see exactly how much you have earned and have more information so you can see like since my last video .

    I think it was like in November that we have recorded the video and since then you can see that .

    I have earned over a thousand a week and sometimes like 1900 a week so there’s a update on my earnings so you can see that you can make a lot of money driving with uber so let’s say that you want to see exactly a week let’s say the 11 to the 18 December 2017 click on it and it will show you exactly how much hour you have spent and your own earnings in that specific week okay so down below okay you can see the current week down below there’s a graphic from Monday to Sunday you can click on a specific day to see more information about the earning for that day so let’s say on Monday and click on it .

    I have generated a hundred and three dollars and 25 cents if .

    I want to have more details about it .

    I click on the.

    Number like the little black box and it will open a page where all the details of that specific day will be shown so .

    I have earned 103 dollar and 27 cents but .

    I have $3 in tips so all the information is here and you can do the same on the other day which is Tuesday and see in that day .

    I have earned 110 and 58 cents and .

    I have generated $6 of tip so this is how you can have more details day by day or you can go down below and you can see like Monday 29th of January you can click you can click on it and it will send you to the same page ok so let’s go back to cash in your balance you click on the blue button so you click here your money will be credited or deposited in your bank account within one or two days so this is where you have to go if you want to get your money and you have to confirm by clicking confirm the deposit which is down below the blue the blue square .

    I won’t do it because .

    I don’t .

    I don’t.

    Need the bunny right.

    Now but if you do.

    Need it it’s there that you have to do to go to access the complete trip history of the week that on your trips tab so here your trips so this is the history of your trips it will show you the time a trip occur how much you earned and if you have received a tip click if you want to have more details so let’s go to the 30th of January at 4 p.m.

    and 43 minutes .

    I have a ride where .

    I have earned $9 and 47 cents and .

    I had a three dollar tip so if you want to have more details you click on that specific ride so on that specific ride you can have more detail for exactly what is the address the pickup address which is the green dot if you want to know exactly what was the drop-off address which is the red dot you have that also you have the length of the of your trip mine was 11 minutes and 19 seconds and you have also the distance in kilometers that you have drove to deposit or to drop off your passenger so this is where you can have all the history of your trips for the week it’s right there then we will go to the promotion tab so you click on the promotion tab here you will find information about ongoing promotions and future ones so generally promotion boosts your earning at the rate of one point three times per requests it depends in other city .

    I have seen one point eight but here in Quebec it’s usually 1.3 time however promotions are applied solely on specific areas in your city you have to be positioned in that area and receive requests from that area to benefit from the promotion so you will have the information in that window and then if we go back to the home screen let’s say that the promotion of the booth is in all Quebec well you use oom like .

    I’ve showed you to know exactly hey am i inside the area where the promotion is to get requests and benefit from the promotion because if you’re.

    Not in that area well you won’t you won’t get the money so it’s very important come back to revenue.

    Now we’re going to click on referrals here you can see all the people who have used your referral code when they signed up driving with uber .

    I suggest you to follow their profile make sure they complete it and when they will have completed a certain amount of trips you will receive your referral bonus and the amount of trips to obtain a bonus is different from city to city so in Quebec somebody or let’s say a.

    New driver has to complete 30 rights and when he will have completed sturdy rides you will get your bonus your referral bonus in Montreal it’s 200.

    No in Montreal it’s 20 rides and in Toronto it’s 20 rides also so if you want to contact them you just have to click to contact them and you can send them an email or a text message saying hey how’s your your profile going do you.

    Need any help blah blah blah and everything in the top of your screen my code as you can see is feel good so that is my referral code that .

    I have to give to others if .

    I want them to use it in your case you will see your code at the same exact place but your code Yuni it’s different than mine and this is where you have to go if you want to know what is your referral code and how to give it to others so that’s that’s.


    Not for the for the referrals.


    Now we will click on the transaction activity so .

    I personally find this function very useful this is where all your weekly trip history information is stored for example what type of ride it was it was was it a uber X ride was it a uber .

    Excel was at a pool etc so you can therefore visualize every single trips information such as the amount of tip you received and the time the request came in so let’s say that you can see the 30th of January at 5:16 p.m.


    I receive a tip of 3 dollars so you click on it then it says well there’s a tip that was deposited in your in your account for an amount of $3 and it was deposited at 5:16 p.m.

    but if you want to know well that tip that tip is related to what trip so you have to click on the last bar which is the detail so the trip associated to your tip will be shown here so that’s where .

    I use the activity menu in the activity transaction menu because .


    I want to know exactly when then somebody gave me a tip for for example with my experience when .

    I work at.

    Night usually people going back home at 3 a.m.


    they don’t give you a tip right.

    Now you know they’re so tired they go sleep and when they wake up that’s when they they usually tip you you know so.

    Now .

    I can know exactly at what time they gave me a tip so all the information is right.

    Now we’re gonna go into we’re going to talk about the ratings so click on the rating tab right here so you will find the following information the total of five star rides passenger gave you your current updated rating based on a five star rating system the rate of approved trips the rate of canceled trips so to obtain more detailed information on your rating ratio simply click on the tab it will show you the percentage for each rating level from one to five so right.

    Now my rating is that four point.


    Nine five so if .

    I click on it you have all the information about what constitute my four point five rating so.


    Ninety eight percent of people gave me a five star rating one percent gave me a four star and 1 percent gave me one star yes it does happen some people you know they only give you one star for.

    No reason anyways so this is where you have where you can see the information then your rate your accept tension approved trips so the right.

    Now .


    I have like seventy percent so Dave’s uber sent me two hundred and twenty eight trips and .

    I have accepted a hundred and fifty.

    Nine and for the rate of cancel trips so .

    I have cancelled ten trips out of one hundred and fifty.

    Nine so my suggestion to you is have a high percentage of rate of approved trips and have a low percentage of rate of cancel trip it’s very important so.

    Now let’s talk about the passenger badges and compliments .

    I love this section because .

    I can read positive comments from passengers and it’s always reward rewarding and stimulating to read them when looking at your back you’ll see what constitute your strength based on the passenger review so if you click on the badge you will see that the passenger gave me 407 badge so what are my strengths so you can see that .

    I have interesting conversation and excellent service because they gave me 177 interesting conversation badge and 150 excellent service and then for like amusing or funny driver .

    I only have 24 so you can see here what is your strength and what you have to work on then if you click on the written.

    Notes you can see that the passenger some passenger takes the time to actually give you a written a written comment and it’s very very stimulating to read those because you know when you work with the public you you work for them you work for them to be happy to enjoy the ride so to have a very positive feedback is always rewarding and it gives you the energy and stimulate you to you know to to still give five-star service to your passenger.


    Now we will go on the passenger feedbacks so here you will find passenger comments and feedback this is like the more.

    Negative part that .

    I would say but don’t take them too personally because since some passenger will give you bad reviews for.

    No reason like .


    I show you earlier .


    I had a one person a one-star rating so it sometimes it happened you know you cannot be perfect so luckily it’s only a small portion of comments that are.

    Negative in general a feedback will be based on the aspect of the right that the passenger didn’t like so look at it as a constructive criticism and a way to improve on that feature and consequently improve your service so if you click on it.

    Now you will see all the let’s say the.

    Negative comments and usually it’s more like you know the you’re driving they didn’t like it or let’s say your car wasn’t clean or your.

    Navigation was poor everything will be here and try to improve those those those features so.

    Next stop will be the driving style report so click on it here you will find about your driving style it might feel like big brother is watching you but in fact it is because you know the uber driver app is a GPS and uber can know exactly if you accelerate it too much or if you have braked too hard or if you drive too fast so i really suggest you to dry it safely.

    Now we’re gonna click on the weekly report of your ratings so here you will see your rating for each weeks so if i want to see exactly in the week of the 15th of January to the 22nd .

    I have 4.83 you can click on it to have more details and you will see that .

    I have received 151 trips out of Doha of those 151 trips riders or passenger took time to rate me and out of those 59 people that rated me 55 people gave me a five-star rating and that means that four writers gave me less than five so maybe four three two or one so this is where you can go and have more information about your ratings in the past weeks.

    Now we’re going to go into the account tab so in the account tab you can see at the top your picture and your vehicle at the top box you can click on the drivers profile which is here it’s important to complete your profile sets since it’s the first thing a passenger will see about you and consult during the trip so here you can see that .

    I have completed over five thousand six hundred and seventy-five trips and my rating is four point.

    Nine five and .

    I’ve been driving with uber for one year so let’s say that you want to change your the languages you speak so you click on that pencil and you choose exactly what type of language you speak and you and you click on register or save so that profile will be the first thing that the passenger will say about you so it is very important to give very good information so you know they will know exactly what type of if it’s a good writer or a good driver you will have so it’s important.

    Now access the help tab so you can click on the help tab if you have any problem regarding the app or a trip you can click on the blue phone at the top right of the screen to talk to an uber representative 24-hour 7 so you click on the little phone and it would say do you want to contact and that somebody from uber so you click on the green thing and it will call and you can talk actually to somebody from work ok so.

    Next stop is gonna be the waybill so you click on the waybill this is the last trip that you have completed ok and it’s the waybill of that last trip so all the information is here if you had like an accident this is the information to know exactly what who was in your car.

    Now we click on documents in this section you’ll be able to upload your documents to .

    Oberer for review the documents or the driver’s license the criminal background check the training certificate the vehicle registration the vehicle insurance and your vehicle inspection so if you want to upload your driver’s license well you have to click on driver’s license and they will ask you to you know access your your camera to take a picture and you know you that’s where you will be able to thank you that’s where you’re going to be able to you know take a picture and upload your your driver’s license for review so every every every information that you have to upload it’s very important to do it because you have to have a green light on everyone to be accepted as a uber driver so.

    Now and lastly we’ll show you how to set up ways as the default.

    Navigation system so click on settings then you click on.

    Navigation and here in that page you can see that there’s three.

    Navigation that you can use app is the uber app the Google Maps or ways so if you want to use Waze well you just have to to click plays and you go out go out so basically that what’s gonna do is that when you will want to use a.

    Navigation app it sways that is going to be used and it will be open in a separate window so let’s say that you pick up a writer at location and then you want to go more easily to the destination then there’s a button somewhere it says like direction you click on it and all the information or the data of the address will be imported into your Waze app directly and you will be able to go there very very easy and the reason why .

    I use Waze is because .

    I find it better than Google Maps and it’s very easy to.

    Navigate with it it’s it’s it’s a very clear so to wrap everything up .

    I understand that there’s a lot of information in this video but it’s it’s important for me to give you excellent content so watch my video as often as you can it will help help you to hit the road faster and you’ll feel more confident in the process don’t forget to like this video and leave me a comment subscribe to my channel to see future videos so thank you and see you.

    Next time

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