EU Webinar | Online App thru Tenstreet Driver App Part 1

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good afternoon everyone who is on so far my.

    Name is Michael Roenick part of the training team and welcome we’re going to start the webinar in probably about 10 minutes we’re going to be looking through ten streets the online app one of the things that’s really exciting one of the enhancements within the onboarding process so definitely appreciate the patient patience and we’re going to wait a little while longer and see if everyone joins us but thank you for coming on [Music] hello again everyone just want to again thank you for the patience and for those that are jumping and we’ll start around a little after to just make sure we grab as much of the audience from the beginning as we can with a.


    Nice crowd coming in to see what tenshi it is what the benefits are and your kind of walk through a process of using on tenth Street so again we’ll start about five minutes thanks for the patience and we will we’ll be in soon you [Music] hello again guys this is Michael and yeah we’re seeing that.

    Number continue to grow appreciate the patience here we have about 18 or so view guys so far okay for a few more we want to make sure we have as much of our registers in here as possible before we start just to start from the beginning and everyone gets that but also wants you guys to utilize the question area or the chat that we have on that you might have on your screen on the right hand side if you have questions along the way we have a Gabe and Chrissy also from safety she’s going to be our guru that will be able to really answer questions about – please feel free to ask away and we’ll really go through some of the.

    Nuts and bolts of what 10th Street is and the benefits of having it so we’ll give this a start in about a 4 more minutes [Music] all right everyone all right so cool we got 23 in here thank you very much for your time this first day of spring so again my.

    Name is Michael Roenick part of the corporate training team and welcome today we are going to touch on maybe it’s the first you’ve heard of it maybe you’re looking to find out more but we’re going to be really looking at our online application which is use utilize through 10th Street.

    Now the big thing here is .

    I want to make sure that it’s understood that this is for part one of the application so that whole your first part of the application that you guys manually enter in your after you collect that’s a paper application from the drivers this online app is going has ability to replace all of that we’re going to really walk through how that works also on this call who we have we have Gabe my Cove pilots my other trainer here and we also have Chrissy the Guru wanted that someone is going to really help us speak into maybe some of the questions specifically that you might have with the online application so kind of looking at so going over our agenda today so we’re going to just really talk about so what 10th Street is we’re going to you know what part what’s it some purpose what are the benefits of having this online application we’ll talk about where you can get this link that you will provide to you know future applicants to fill out this online application we’re going to go to a demo we’re going to basic we play the driver role what they see what they enter just so you get a feel as well what kind of experience they will be having when it comes to filling out this online applications and we’re going to show you from our and how we see it from the safety portal side of when they submit that application what does a safety department see how do we receive it what do we do once we receive it in and so on from there so again thank you very much for jumping on this morning and so or afternoon or depending on where we are where my same so we will we’ll get going here so going to take down this let y’all stare at my background for one second all right so what .

    I have on my screen.


    Now so this is the first page for an online application so the first question that you might have is alright how do .

    I get this so what we’re looking at is it’s going to kind of .

    I’m going to paste it in so this this link that we see in the address bar here this you’re going to receive a link from either you can contact Debbie Raymond or your driver qualification specialist it’s safety department they could provide this for you but that link is going to be unique to your location so think of it as how you log into the safety portal or how you even log into the agent portal that’s going to be a unique identifier for your operation that’s exactly how the link will work for your applicants so you won’t have to worry about your applicant maybe let’s say going to a different location within the system there’s going to be a unique identifier in that link that will submit that applicant under your under your domicile so excuse me what we’re seeing here on on the first page that a driver would experience it really talks about what am .

    I going to.


    Need as a driver in order to move forward with this so it talks about like an introduction at first you know hey thank you for your interest in driving for .


    Evans delivery companies here are a few things that we’ll.


    Need Social Security.

    Number home address for the last five years current uh the CDL and CDL history employment history and any history of traffic accidents violations as an agent you’re going to hear a similarity from all of those questions because that is part of part one of the application you know that part that so we’ll go through different pages that will ask for those different sections so the idea behind this the idea behind having an online app for part one it’s going to auto populate a lot of that within the safety portal it’s going to collect digital signatures on these documents it’s going to one of the best things about it and .


    I think you guys will cheer about this it will automatically initiate the driver in the safety portal meaning you won’t have to plug in their social security.

    Number go to your basic information screen plug in manually.

    Name last.


    Name city create all of their employment employment two locations this app is going to replace all of those data entry points from your ends and .


    Auto populate it because the driver will fill all that information out here in the online app so .

    I’m pretty sure .

    I heard everyone share there if.

    Not .


    I’m pretty sure you’re going to chair once you’ve experience of the ease behind this but some the data from the application will .

    Auto populate the fields that you guys would previously hand key in and then you guys will also see this in the safety portal as well when a driver does submit this so we’re going to go forward here .

    I’m going to click Next it’s going to walk through it’s a very simple straightforward walkthrough so it makes it very easy for the owner operator the applicants to fill this out and ensure that all fields are properly filled in for those who have experience within the safety portal or even the agent portal there are caches there that won’t let you move forward unless you have let’s say required fields filled in the online application with tents trees works the exact same way it’s going to remind or bring to attention and area that still.

    Needs addressing when this is being filled out so the first begin is going to say to qualify what are our qualifications 23 years of old must meet all Duty requirements and then the verifiable class-a experience so if .

    I as an applicant meet that .


    I’m going to click Next and here is where we start to put in our personal information as that driver so as you see here we’re going to see the red stars by all of the required fields right so that’s going to make it a lot simpler for that driver to fill out this application because they know all the areas that are going to be.

    Needed to be filled out so as for social we’ll do think .

    I did too many characters there.

    Nope did it just right so .

    I’m going to put as my social in and if you remember that social is what you would manually enter into the safety portal to initiate this whole process so just keep that in mind as we go forward with this.

    Now you’re going to see me go a lot slower filling this out because .

    I really want to just explain and show a couple different catches and your reactions depending on what is clicked but when a driver fill this out it’s going to be very straightforward and what it’s asking you know they’ll be able to fill us out and really you know kind of move through it pretty smoothly you know having all of that information up front so they can just plug in this so .


    I’m going to plug in as this is a requirement throw in my birthday then we’ll throw in my address and again all of this information will look very similar to what is filled out on the paper application resident address for three years or more if .

    I would say yes you’re going to see if .

    I can move forward if .

    I would say.


    No this is where you know one of the areas that might ask for an additional address so we’re going to say yes for this .

    I’m going to put in my phone.

    Number the phone.

    Number we always see on every TV shows it’s like they call each other all the time so put in that email address it’s going to ask .


    I mean these aren’t required we’re.


    Not seeing a little star here but .

    I’m going to just you know select here and then you have down here .

    I want to receive information and communications from .

    Evans delivery concerning future opportunities and promotions so this is something they can opt in or they can unchecked to basically you know say opt out and.

    Not receive those and the same thing with text messages as well so then .

    I got a little message here yes .

    I want to receive information and communications so .

    I’m going to say.

    No thanks to that and then the same thing with text because .

    I didn’t select so it’s more or less a reminder hey do you want to receive communications via text .

    I’ll just say.

    No thanks to this and.

    Now we’re going into some more specific information you have you discussed your application with any .

    Evans Network contact if .

    I say.

    No .

    I’m you can move forward if .

    I say yes you’re going to see this is going to open up another area to where .

    I can.

    Now get more specific with who did .

    I talk to so they can put your.

    Name code your three-letter alpha code and even the.

    Number that they spoke to as a reference point but also just keep in mind that the link that you provide them will have your code reference to with this application so they can get more specific of who they talk to so let’s say you know .

    I was they talked to me maybe .

    I’m a terminal manager of .

    ABC and .

    I have my phone.

    Number there so what position of my plot applying for owner/operator if .

    I’m an owner operator you’re going to see .

    I can select yes and start even putting my tractor information here so it really starts to grab additional information based off of what type of position am i applying for so if .

    I’m bringing on a truck .


    I can put this in here as well if .


    I’m driving for an owner operator you know .

    I’m going to select.

    No because .

    I might.

    Not have that information privy but we’ll go through and we’re going to put in a little more information here music so bear with me .

    I have a little cheat sheet on my side when it comes to at so let’s say for women say tractor we’ll say .

    I have a 2018 freight liner CD .


    I had to look and see what other models are freight liners because obviously .


    Not a truck driver but .


    I like to drive vibrance so .

    I’m going orange .

    I do know that it’s 17 characters and .

    I probably could put a weight in here as where are.

    Not required so fifth wheel height is required .

    I actually cheated and looked on another one and make sure .


    I was getting something that was accepted so and it goes through.

    Now your additional information here do .

    I do you have a class a license if .

    I select yes you’re able to move forward but watch if .

    I select.

    No so sorry you do.


    Not meet .

    Evans delivery company requirements so that’s one of those little catches there to kind of play it’s a it plays off of the decisions made if you want to say so with us being do class a required yes is.

    Needed in order to move forward with this application are you illegal or eligible to work in the .


    United States yes are you currently employed .

    I can say yes if .

    I say.

    No it’s going to ask me when was the last time that .

    I was employed so again this one .

    I just want to show you a couple little break off required areas if a certain question is answered in a different way so as have you ever worked with this company before so if .

    I worked with .


    Evans before here’s where .

    I can start to just get a little bit of a history and you know Safety will use that accordingly so let’s say .

    I worked there 2017 at .

    ABC over the road driver the generic infamous question or answer .


    I have a Twix and if .


    I have a Twix it’s going to ask me one does it expire so just to put something a little further in the future we’ll say a year from today ham have you ever been known by any other.


    Nicknames yes but we’ll just say.

    No for that if you refer to by a driver please enter the drivers.

    Name and agent code so this is if it was a driver referral you know she spoke to a driver you can put that information in here and then you got your other area here for an emergency contact you want to put their information in this area so down below.

    Now we have a little bit of a driver experience so it’s going to say for each of these areas there.

    Needs to be something entered it there might.

    Not be experience within these areas and if there is.

    Not this word driver you know it’s it’s a directed to right.

    None in so let’s say you know .


    Never drove it straight truck but .

    I did tractor and semi-trailer so in here .

    I’m going to type in containers from we’ll say from 9 2010 through 3 2019.


    None and if they had any awards what were the awards you know who was the award from they can put on some certificates type of things in there if anything would be current within so we go to.

    Next it’s going to ask for my CDL so here is this it’s really the same type of information that is asked for upon on the paper application but it is.

    Nice and clean in an online format for them to fill all of this stuff out so and what’s.

    Nice with this as well here so let’s say .

    I’m from Pennsylvania right as you see here it has for each state if there is a certain requirement that the state might have you know is the default how many characters it’s going to let me know that so for Pennsylvania license is formatted with 8.

    Numbers so depending on the state it will make sure that at least from a.

    Numerical standpoint in terms of how many.

    Numbers appear it will try to catch that for you to help the applicant fill out so see we’re going to put in the applica the expired date so let’s say it’s.

    Next year physical expiration so it goes a little a little further when does my physical expire and it’s going to talk about just my current driver’s license is this a CDL or is this a commercial driver’s license if so what classes so here’s where they can start to pick what class they have which again class a is a requirement for us and.

    Now it talks about it talks about what type of endorsements if any does that owner operator have and it’s a reference point so .

    I click hazmat it will ask when does their hazmat endorsement expire so it does go into a little more in depth with that as well so if that’s the only license that .

    I hold .

    I can.

    Now move forward if there was another one you’re going to see you have another add another license it’ll go through that same we rinse lather repeat type of motion where they can go through and enter all of that information in for that license and then it goes into other kind of questions you know were you ever in a military we employed contractors or did you would attend a company orientation in the last five years we’ll say yes and then look it’s going to show me all right what is the information that you want to enter in for this so let’s say .

    I drove for chronic striking started in what did .

    I say.

    Nine 2010 then here it says if you are currently employed or contracted please enter the current month and year as the end date so let’s just say you know .

    I end it last month so this is.

    Not a current employer for me so we’ll go through and you know we’ll go a little different country for extra credit can anyone still schuylkill with their eyes closed all right we’ll go ours if code again here’s a couple areas that are.

    Not required but you can’t they can enter in if they have the information a reason for leaving so .

    I know this is.

    Not boots we’ll just put that in their reason for leaving we’ll just say better pay another famous reason were you terminated so here’s more how did you come about with this what is its where you terminate it or laid off is this your current employers if .

    I say.

    No may we contact this employer at this time so this is one of those you know one of those times where you might have a an applicant say hey you know .

    I’m currently working for this company can you please.

    Not contact them yet this is where they could.

    Notify us to you know hold off or they can give us permission to do so since .


    Not working there .

    I can say yes .

    I’m fine with them did you operate a commercial motor vehicle then .

    I could say yes and this goes through some of those difference questions if you remember or if you have a paper application in front of you has a couple little questions between each employer you know were you subject to the FMCS.

    A or regulations did you perform any safety sensitive functions and were you subject to other drug and alcohol testing a couple other optional ones here your area is driven so let’s say you know .

    I was local .

    I stayed within your the region .

    I can throw that in there and then .

    I can .

    I can put a rough estimate so this kind of goes a little more in-depth let’s let’s us know we’re let’s even that you guys know when you access within the agent or safety portal what kind of what kind of areas did they drive you know if it’s something that you might be interested in hey .

    I’m just going to leave that blank but what was my what was my common truck driven will do tractor-trailer and what was what did .

    I couldn’t .

    I drove a container most of the time what was the trailer linkle’s usually a 40-foot so it will say between the 32 and 40 .

    I can click Save so here is where say it’s going to look to see and they hate did you mean this so there are little references in there to seeds do you mean a this particular carrier based off of the information or company based off the information that you entered if it is you can select it if.

    Not like.

    No use the one that .

    I have entered so skin and.

    Now this is where they can repeat this as well if they have additional history additional employees that they want to enter in they’ll have the ability to do that .

    I’m going to select.

    No because that when .

    I work with it .

    I will say for.

    Nine or yeah for.

    Nine years have you attended a driving school so again here’s more required questions and as you see it’s all on one screen it you know just shifts through as they enter it’s.

    Not confused and it tries to make it as clean as possible when it comes to what is being filled out have you attended a school.

    Not regularly in the last five years we’ll say.

    No have you been unemployed at any time in the last five years .

    I’ll say yes because .

    I did say that .

    I stopped last month so oops you’re kind of please please in the current month there we go.

    Now .

    I can click it yes so that was asking do you want to add this unemployment period of time so.

    Now that .

    I did that.

    Now it’s kind of a point just like with that paper up just like with through the safety portal you want to make sure that there are.

    No gaps and the system will you know recognize hey did you work within this many time or were you unemployed there will be those little catches as well so.

    Now it’s going to ask you was .

    I unemployed would you like to add another unemployment .

    I’ll say.

    No so let’s see so here’s a little catches beauty regulations require us to ask about five year history before March 2014 if you were operating a commercial motor vehicle so it’s a little message that we’re required to ask depending on what is filled out .

    I can you know if if so please add those employment data as well .

    I will exceed her .

    I will click continue and .

    I was going to take me through the motor vehicle records going to talk about you know that other page have you ever been licensed ever suspended denied revoked any of these if you click yes you’ll see that it will give alright can you please provide a little more information so this is that page of the paper app where they would provide additional information if any of them were a yes some heavy urban convicted of alcohol or controlled substances possession reckless driving so this is talk about.

    Now those moving violations have you ever tested positive or refused to pre-employment drug test so those are all required you’re going to see the red star behind each of them they will.

    Not be able to move forward without answering those questions have you had any moving violations within the past three years again if you say yes it will talk about more in depth of what was the reason can you provide additional information that goes along with that were you involved in an accident in the last five years the same thing if .

    I say yes additional information when was the accident or insert what type was it was hazmat involved was a towaway involved or some other additional so just like before .

    I mean the more information they can provide up front the better it is because if there is a yes there we will be asking or seeking additional information so if they have it here this will be a great start of providing that within the online app and again have you been crime having deferred prosecution and criminal charges pending so again more required any felonies and have you within the last pleaded guilty with offending so with misdemeanors all required to move forward so here one of the confirmation screen they will.

    Now they can.

    Now basically review all that information that they pulled up are they filled out within they can review it to make sure it all looks good so it’s kind of like .

    I want to confirm this before .

    I move forward and then down here you know it’s going to be sloppy but if they’re doing it on the tablet easier they can sign.

    Now .

    I’m a doctor .

    I can save it and then.

    Now we’ve got a little bit of a this is actually another part of the application if remember here’s the the fair credit report act where they can review this and then by checking this box they’re acknowledging that they did read and understand what it is and they do have the ability to print this so if they want a copy of this they can print this from their local computer and here’s about the PSP it’s a PSP form of the paper app where they all they will do is you know we.

    Need their signature authorizing or given permission to run their PSP which as you know is a very big part of our application process we put weight into previous you know driving history when it comes to roadside inspections what kind of violations if any know how often you’re that type of thing this is what we.

    Need permission on the signs of this to run that and you have the principal version right here just like before they can print this out you have your print button right there so they can click that click Next and then authorization of background investigation another form that they can print to have for their records and when they select are check the box .

    I’m after reviewing it they can then move forward and a disclosure for release another one of those forms that is part of the paper app for them to take care of so in here personal contact information here’s where they will they will put all of that information how bad is it that .

    I forget my social security.

    Number that .

    I put in let’s say it was .

    I think there was an eighth.

    Nerve somewhere if .

    I will give this a try put my birthday in again would you like to save this data would you like to have sent a copy so .

    I can have myself a copy sent and again it’s going to ask you know for the signature yep so .

    I didn’t match the original so .

    I’m going to go back and cheat and copy what did .

    I put there it is alright .

    I knew there was an eight in there Thank You Chrissy so.

    Now .

    I’m going to go forward so see .


    Not perfect either but obviously a driver is going to know their social security because they’re.

    Not going to make one up out of the blue but here we go we’ll scroll down here.

    Next again.

    Next again.

    Next again Chrissy even warned me to remember my social security did .

    I listen .

    I thought so oh it even says right there look at that if there’s even cheat proof right it even helps you out right there so .

    I have all that entered in hope you guys are humored let’s see what did .

    I make sure oh .

    I forgot a five and that’s why .

    I was still yellow so it looks like it highlights it for you when there is an area that.

    Needs to be filled out and then we get the sinks so at this point so at this looks like we have a user portal tasks so at this point.

    Now it will have been sent over to the safety portal and what .

    I want to do is to show you what it looks like from that and what it’s going to look like from the ends of you know the safety department receiving that online application so .

    I’m going to pull this up before .

    I swing it over and here’s an email that would just come across since .

    I filled it out online .

    I put my email address in it was going to say attach is the PDF for the requested online form so they can have that application sent to them so this is my application that .

    I just filled out online so they can have that copy and all of that that was fill out here’s all of the background informations that required signatures it’s a.

    Nice document to keep for them if they wanted to keep a copy of it and let’s see here socially and let’s see and Chrissy what would you say the turnaround time is for once a driver submits an application when will you guys in safety see that application in the safety portal um .

    I think it’s every 15 minutes that there’s a poor guy comes through and so .

    I don’t know where it is on its cycle gotcha okay so every 15 minutes so think of that as when you’re in that agent portal you’re scanning supporting document since that roughly falls within that same type of time frame where when you scan in it’s usually 10 to 15 minutes that you can view those documents that you scanned in think of that as the same format same time frame from a driver application standpoint but when you put that into consideration you know 15 minutes compared to .

    I handed a paper application to a driver he took at home you don’t know when you’re going to see him again you don’t know when he’s going to bring that application in so that 15 minutes has the ability to just cut out so much of that that wait time for you as you wait for that application to be given back to you to then manually enter everything in so but um and Chris here’s another question for you so on this screen here the user portal will this be something that they log into and can view certain things or because we’re looking here it says.

    No tasks found with this update if something’s required for said driver so when when we’re reviewing an application we might find a missing employer that was listed on the PSP but.

    Not listed on the application or if there was a date discrepancy something like that we can push the application back to the applicant and then the tasks will be on this form okay um you know and we’ll typically send an email before we send out the task just so that the driver or the applicant knows what we’re looking for and then they might have to go back in and re review or make adjustments excellent excellent there we had a question from Carey’s yes will drivers be able to go back to the application once it is submitted so would that be when you push it back or once it’s submitted will they have access to that application again if anything.

    Needs to be changed or is that only when you wouldn’t say hey can you please fix this if they have a link they can click on the link again and it will pop open it will ask for your social and your birthdate and all of your basic information and you’ll be able to pop back in there.

    Now excellent excellent there you go Carrie so yeah if they can kind of pull it up in with their personal information – to see it so that’s a great question Carrie great question putting your spot again Chris ease or anything that you wanted to add or is there anything that .

    I may have skipped over because we wanted to make sure that so we give a good idea of what the pantry does for them .

    I just wanted to make sure that everybody knows that this should be applicant driven you’re going to provide the link to your applicant so it’s.

    Not like you should be filling in the application for your driver you know they should be able to do that you know right from their from their link and they should be able to do it on their own so that should take out that whole application part one for you but application part two and the lease documents are.

    Not yet available through 10th Street that is way in the future so it is still partially you know online and then the rest will be manual good stuff good stuff NS.

    E looks like we have Rebecca brink asked what are what are the other options other than owner-operators for position i’ve correct me if .

    I’m wrong Kristy .

    I think there was a driver for owner operator and .

    I believe fleets owner correct okay yep so you have those three options of Rebecca of owner operator driver for an owner operator or fleet owner and Martin asks is the application mobile friendly like on a tablet or a cell phone yes yes it’s very mobile friendly and they can definitely do this on their phone 10th street has something that they call pulse app and so will even be able to tell when that application comes through if they did do it on their phone yeah so it’s definitely user friendly like that excellent excellent so yes definitely it’s user friendly on on all devices it sounds like whether desktop whether mobile or let’s see who we got patrick wise part 2 and the truck least so far ahead in the future breaking it up between these different platforms seems like it could cause problems especially with the evans some it’s pet from the C.


    I can you can you repeat that if Y is part two and the truck least so far ahead in the future .

    I guess in terms of creating an online application as with like part one is they would be considered custom documents so the application is pretty standard you know they make adjustments for our do T.

    Number and our.

    Name and our logo and things like that but the application is pretty standard across any company and then anything else additional would be something that we would have to customize we would love to see all of those Doc’s in there it would be great if we could get that lease agreement out there but we have to get our guys our agents using this online portion and then the more we use it the more we’ll be able to add X plus some more features so baby steps and yeah we want we’re definitely looking to would you say we’re looking to push people towards the online app versus using the paper app we’d love to see more guys we .

    I think so .

    I think it’s it’s going to be a lot easier for our agents we do advise of course that you’re still vetting your your potential applicants don’t please don’t just throw a link out on on Craigslist and you know hope that you get 25 applications in you know hopefully that you know you’re still able to sort of vet and personalize who you’re who you’re sending this link out to and otherwise you know we’re going to be overwhelming the system and and our folks down here in the Safety Department right yeah so yeah that’s one of those things .

    I agree we want to kind of get feelers out for the person you might be talking to and all right you know .

    I like what .

    I’m hearing you can then send them that link for them to move forward with yeah you don’t want to post it on social media or that type of platform because then you’re going to get anyone looking for a job clicking down through all of the opportunities so yeah good point Chrissy awesome guys any other questions great questions great questions let’s see do .

    I see anyone right there and we got Carrie so and just again a reminder if this is something that you are interested in you could reach out to your your driver qual person or or Debbie or or Chrissy to obtain that unique link to to begin you know except when you’re looking to provide to potential applicants and have the online application filled out so it is definitely something that so we’re excited about moving forward with because it’s going to streamline so much of that coming forward and it takes a lot of this just a data entry portion down for part one and it puts it into the drivers hands too and fill out the online app and as you saw it is very straight forward and it will walk you through you know the additional steps that might be.

    Needed depending on what is what is being asked or how was answered Mike .

    I did throw in a breath test .

    I do see that in it .

    I popped up so under a1c just so everybody can see what it looks like so we’re.

    Not waiting until the the very last second there cool yep so .

    I pulled it over here so yep .

    I do see that we have looks like this is what so Chris Christie you can correct me so this is what you guys would see or any agents would see under their login for someone who fills out an online application would that be would that be accurate right it’ll come in to the safety portal this first one is yellow just because .

    I didn’t click enter so it would be the first three green and then once we provided the reports will will populate those and then of course we’ll do the checkpoint like we.

    Normally would but if you if you click in there you’d be able to see you know what the application looks like when it comes through and all of the information right right here we have it in there .

    I say we have a question we’re going to a question from Pat so he says what about one of those smart coding is that iPhones can scan and take T to website is that possible so we can put that on a flyer so .

    I think .

    I know what you’re talking about Pat so basically that code would direct you know to you put that link on behind that code for four applicants .

    I would say that’s .

    I mean .

    I like Chrissie answer of it you want to be careful with that .

    I mean yeah you can create codes to take you to a website you see that so much more in advertising yeah you just pull up your camera and it opens up Safari or whatever to that link it has the potential to fall into that same category that anyone can scan that so maybe if you had it in an area where obviously is driven towards truck drivers owner operators independent contractors that would be better but some have you had any Chris you have you any had anyone mentioned that before about kind of making it was it .

    I think it’s called like a QR code that would direct him to the app and putting it on the web take him to that app website .

    I have.

    Not Debbie Raymond she’s.

    Not in today but she might have more information about that because she was usually she’s usually the go-to for for setups for these good deal and let’s see Carrie asked does the security awareness and has met training upload directly into the portal or will we have to manually move over so .

    I believe that it would manual yep okay tell me.

    No manual the ones that are completed through .

    Evans pitstop yes those are manual ones that it’s sent to the pitstop group you’ll receive a copy of it and they can also print out a copy but that’s something that you would manually or that has to be manually scanned into those respective fields in the safety portal good stuff .

    I like the questions guys .

    I like it keep them comment any other questions well let’s see if there’s a way there’s my guy so this is the one that’s this one that .

    I entered in today so looks like your boom right up the bat we have our three greens we got our disclosure that was you know green so this is where all right if .

    I was an actual contractor .

    I were looking or you know owner/operator looking to a drive .

    I filled out my online app this is where safety.

    Now will take my information just like they do.

    Now they would run my MVR run my PSP and that point you know that could you know potentially and get me to that first checkpoint to then move forward so it’s a .

    I didn’t time it but yeah that was within that that 15 minute range that uh that Chrissy said that’s every 15 minutes or so there’s a push from ten Street into the safety portal so it is a it’s a pretty quick and smooth process with them let’s see we have Martin ask your .

    I said .

    I have heard of an auto populate feature that drivers can use for .

    Intel and tell app does that work for this app if the driver has a profile on tenth Street yes but it does yes it does so if you have a driver that has filled out any online application for any company that uses 10th Street when they use the link that you provide again it’s going to first start out asking that that basic information it’s going to ask your.

    Name it’s going to ask your social and it’s going to ask for your birth date and if it’s in there if your information is in there the.

    Next screen that will pop up will say would you like to auto populate this form so you click yes and it will fill in as much of the form as possible and then you’ll just have to make your updates and make any changes or Corrections so in for used it one time they can just keep building off of that good stuff excellent that’s a that’s a great question or Martin and probably an even better answer to here so excellent stuff so it sounds very intuitive 10th Street has you know it opens up if it’s been used .

    I mean it from what .

    I’m understanding it’s it’s a .

    I’m gonna say .

    I’ll use a lot out there but it’s.

    Not unknown it’s it is known so if they’re yet they have an account that or someone at use 10th Street kind of keeps that kind of a resume type of feel to it where if they just keep it updated so they can have a majority of that already a filled out for them that is good stuff good question Martin any other questions all right well we definitely .

    I think we cover a good amount and we’re right at the right coming up on that our March so .

    I really appreciate that everyone who jumped on this and .

    I hope it you find this useful hopefully you find interest in you’ve seen the benefits of having access to you know an online application to initiate that to that process to get drivers and move them forward and again just remember you can get more information and even the app from your your driver qualification specialist from Krissie or Debbie and they could get that for you and then also just really going a more detail for those specific questions that you might have see that .

    I do.

    Not see Tim but.

    No problem but yeah .

    I’m if there if there are.

    No other questions yeah this uh this was an awesome time was a learning experience for me – thank you very much Krissy for your expertise with this and yeah .

    I hope you guys find the value behind this reach out to your respective Qala.

    Nor Krissy or Debbie for any additional information or the link and hope you guys have a great rest of the day thank you guys .

    Oh see yes

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