Top 10 Online Business Ideas That Make $100/DAY Each (my rating)


hey guys chad here in this video we’re going to be doing something a little bit different and i’m super excited to share with you because we’re going to be going over the top 10 online businesses that i personally made money from and i’m basically just going to rank all 10 business models and share the pros and cons with you share how i personally made money from them and i’m going to rank them from greatest to worst right so.

   Not only will you see 10 different business ideas and how you can actually make money from each of them but you’re also going to see what i think is you know some of the best businesses to start going forward for the.

   Next two three four five years and some of the worst ones as well so i’m super excited to share this video this is gonna be a perfect video if you’re kind of just stuck on which business to start you know you want to make money online you know you want to be an entrepreneur but you just don’t know the best place to get started for your situation if that’s you then keep watching i know you’re going to love this one with that being said guys let’s get straight into this real quick before i do i want to announce the affiliate marketing course winner from last video if your.

   Name is here congrats use them all and copy my affiliate marketing course email me here to claim your course if you guys would also like to enter to win i can do one copy of my course video all you have to do for this video is comment down below and drop a like with that being said guys let’s get into the rankings of the top 10 business ideas online okay so i’m in my computer.

   Now as you can see we have this tier list right so it’s going to go from the best business models at the top to the worst business models at the bottom as you can see we have 10 different business models and these are all ones i’ve personally tried and made money from myself right some of them i tried for a couple months some i’ve been doing for the past three years full time right so again i’ve tried all these i’ve made money from all these and i’m just going to give my thoughts on all of them and hopefully you can make the best decision for you so anyways that being said right let’s just dive straight into this so the first one right if you don’t know what this local logo is it’s uh basically teachable.

   Now this is basically just selling online courses or digital products um online right so i’m sure you’ve seen people selling courses online it’s a big thing.

   Nowadays however i don’t think that’s the best place to start as a beginner right so i’m going to rank this as.

   Number 10.

   this is something i do i’ve made over six figures from and i would only do it if you do it a certain way right if you’re just starting out i’d recommend starting with a business model like affiliate marketing right promote someone else’s course first and then once you get more experience once you kind of build your email list build an audience right and you have real experience in whatever that course you want to make is about right then you can go and create a course once you get that hands-on experience and that’s kind of what i did with affiliate marketing right i didn’t just create affiliate marketing course magically one day i started making money from it over six figures i did it for a couple years and then everyone started to ask me to make a course so i did right so anyways i pulled up this value ladder here and what i recommend is you know to sell a course if you are gonna sell or create your own course put it in the back end right so for me that’s.

   Not the main thing i do is just sell courses right again most of my money actually 80 of my money comes from affiliate commissions still so i promote affiliate commissions all up here right so this is the first thing people see right and then later on the the customers who you know want to learn more from me i’ll start selling them the courses right which is usually a higher price so that’s what i think works best i know a lot of people just sell them on the front end but again i’d recommend you know try probably being in philly and then selling more stuff on the back end like digital products or just more affiliate products so anyways that’s going to be.


   Number 10.

   let’s go back to the ranking tier list and okay so.


   Nine this is where it kind of gets hard right and if you guys don’t know what some of these are i’ll explain all of them but i think i’m going to put.




   Nine as a robin hood or stock trading right and this could also be forex trading crypto trading whatever it is and you know i have.


   Nothing against trading or investing or anything like that and this is something i’ve actually made around 150 000 from uh just in the past like 14 months right when i really started investing so i’ve made a decent amount of money from this but for me i don’t feel safe just having my only income being coming from investing or coming from trading right especially if i don’t have huge amounts of capital which i’m assuming a lot of you guys don’t have yet right so if you’re gonna do training investing you have that interest because again this is something i have a lot of interest in too right what i would recommend to do is pick one of these online businesses pick one these side hustles take all the profit from the money you’re making from this online business right and then you can start investing it on apps like robinhood and start buying your favorite companies or training whatever you want to do crypto right so that’s what i recommend do don’t just rely on one income source that is gonna be my.



   Nine uh let’s move on to.

   Number eight right so let’s see we have fiverr clickbank builder all amazon fba youtube drop shipping tick tock and this is gonna be um a marketing agency right so doing marketing for clients um okay so this is guys believe it or.

   Not this is the first business model i ever have done and i’m going to put this in the b level okay we’re going to move it up so this is going to be shopify drop shipping e-commerce whatever you want to call it and like i said this is something like this is the first business model i ever did right i got into this i read the four-hour work week and he talked about selling t-shirts and he even talked about drop shipping inside of that book and that’s what kind of got me into it right so this is something that you know i was brand.


   New so i had.


   No business or marketing experience or really any common sense i was only 19 at the time and i actually made a hundred dollars from selling elephant bracelets right if i can find the instagram i had for it i’ll put it up but anyways i was literally just posting pictures of elephants on instagram and you know trying to rank for hashtags and i was also buying some shout outs from different um instagram influencers in the elephant.

   Niche if that’s even a thing right so i literally made a hundred dollars from one of those influencers i bought a shout out from and once i made a hundred dollars for some reason i was just like oh this is super cool and then i got distracted by something else right so again shopify drop shipping it could have been successful if i really stuck to it if i really learned marketing if i really understood it more but again this is something i didn’t really stick to.

   Now the main downside with shot pad drop shipping the reason i’m putting it kind of lower on the list is because you know it takes a lot of skills to be successful with it right especially if you’re brand.

   New beginner like i was think about it guys with drop shipping there there’s customers emailing me like hey where is my bracelet right they’re all pissed off and i didn’t know how to handle that i thought i was gonna get sued so i got all worried and stuff so you have to deal with customer support right you have to deal with shipping the products you have to deal with getting the inventory right and obviously we’re doing drop shipping so that could be a little bit easier but again the shipping times you have to fulfill the orders right plus uh.


   Not only that but advertising isn’t getting cheaper right so in order to sell the products you have to run facebook ads or run influencer ads and that’s only getting more money with so many people buying ads online.

   Nowadays so that’s something to think about so you have to be a good paid advertiser and again with all those things combined right it’s probably.

   Not the best business model to start when you’re just starting out okay so let’s move on so we got uh we got seven left it looks like so we got let’s see fiverr clickbank um i think i’m gonna put this one i’m gonna put this one right here right so this isn’t just fiverr uh this is actually fiverr slash drop servicing so if you guys don’t know what drop servicing is it’s basically drop shipping but instead of drop shipping products you’re drop shipping services right hence drop servicing i think you get it by.

   Now but anyways um the kind of the strategy with this is at first yes you’re gonna have to list your service on fiverr you’re gonna have to work for cheap and you’re probably.

   Not gonna make much money for the time and work you’re putting in right so for example let’s say that you want to do text message marketing right let’s say you can literally take a little course on udemy buying sms marketing and then learn how to do it for two days right and then list your service on fiverr right and you can start charging five dollars for every gig you get again.


   Not the best but it’s something that can just kind of get you in the door.

   Now what i would do is like i said i would list your services super cheap on fiverr starting out right and have really good support have a really good listing have good marketing and once you start getting better reviews and really good reviews.

   Now what i would do is i would raise your prices and then outsource the work right teach someone how to do it get a virtual assistant who will do it for cheap right and you basically just keep the profit in between right so basically all the work that you’re getting you’re just outsourcing and you know it’s.

   No different than a company having an employee doing work for them right so you’re kind of just the middle man and i like this business model the idea of drop servicing is because you’re learning one important skill which is marketing right you’re learning how to do marketing instead of like you know spending all this time doing the actual service right i think it’s better to learn marketing rather than to do you know stuff like this so uh that’s just one category again literally there’s so many categories on fiverr.

   Nowadays they’re literally going into every freelance industry so i would probably pick something that’s more.

   New on here to kind of get your foot in the door uh they have so digital marketing graphic design right all kinds of things here even something as.

   Niche as like jewelry design so all kinds of opportunity on fiverr writing translation video and animation right so learn one of these little skills get a little good at it at first right start doing your listings and then once you get a good listing you have good you have good reviews raise your prices and then outsource all the work you get and then you can even eventually go on upwork you can go on and just go on all kinds of different freelance platforms and really try to turn that into a full-time income okay so let’s move on here and we’re gonna move on to.


   Number six right so we have four already picked out.

   Now i think i’m gonna do let’s see we have clickbank builder all amazon fba this the this is one of the business models i did before affiliate marketing um youtube and tick tock all right and then we have marketing agencies so i think we’re going to go with marketing agency again this is another business model i did i actually did this shortly after i did drop shipping so i’m actually going to move this up here i actually did this business model for you know almost six months so i had a little bit experience i made a little bit of money i got a few clients doing marketing and actually at the time i was doing marketing for chiropractors right so i was doing lead generation for chiropractors i was helping them get more leads and they would pay me for pretty much every lead that came through the door right so i would send them leads which is basically a.

   Name email and phone.

   Number and then the sales rep at the chiropractic office would follow up with leads he would call them and try to get them in the door to claim the free offer that we were giving them inside the facebook ads so basically we’re running facebook ads for them and i like this business model because you know it’s.


   Not crazy competitive right especially when you’re running ads it’s pretty easy to get results for the chiropractors because you’re doing local advertising and with local advertising you have a little bit more of an advantage right because you can say hey all orange county residents or hey all whatever your city is residents right it’s kind of easier to get the attention on there and if you get a good client like a good chiropractor or a good restaurant to work with right you can set up the residence of that city that they’re in you can set them up with a really good offer right so let me show you some examples of mine um so let’s see this is actually the landing page right and we would do stuff like we would target san diego for example and we say currently 18 spots left for san diego claim you’re 85 off voucher on a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment right so.

   Normally 125 uh just 19 save 106.

   yes claim my discount what our patients are saying right that’s it so this is the website that the ad would actually go to and they click on this right ask for their email and phone.

   Number and then if they put in their email and phone.


   Number right that chiropractor would owe me 15 right so i was charging them 15 for every lead if i got them 100 leads in one day right i would make 1500 so anyways you can make a decent amount from a single client from stuff like this you can also sell these people like email marketing and or social media growth right so pick some type of high ticket service that you can sell on a monthly basis and go after a very specific like client source right so i went after chiropractors you can go after influencers you can go after pretty much anyone who sells products or services right so anyways uh this is the thank you page so once they opted in right this one said currently 17 spots because obviously they just opted in so.


   Now there’s one less person and then it says but wait get a free massage when you schedule an appointment.

   Now right and they would have a timer and basically we would do this right to get them to really schedule the appointment and we would have a calendar so they can book a day and a time right and we’d also have an email and an sms follow-up as well since we’re collecting phone.

   Numbers right so that’s the entire service we did for them and to show you the ad right let me go into my facebook ad account and basically the ad was something like this i’ll actually show you guys the actual ads so it said for example attention huntington beach this is where my client was back pain and sores are.

   No fun right great.

   News doesn’t have to be that way to celebrate a practice we’re giving away 85 of discount vouchers on a two-day chiropractic healing package um years of body aches and pain can be taken away blah blah blah and then we would take him to the link right and we would just make a little video right here with some music and some b-roll with the text right and that was basically the whole entire campaign that was a whole entire sales funnel and again right i got a couple clients doing this i kind of just got burnt out on you know reaching out to clients and hopping on sales calls and doing all that stuff so if you like doing that right this might be a good business model for you but for me personally i’m more of an introvert i like to be alone i don’t like to talk to people as much so um this is why i kind of went into affiliate marketing and just did that full-time so again it’s kind of up to you in your situation but this is going to be business model.

   Number six so let’s go back to the tier list.

   Now we got a couple more right this word gets a little difficult so let’s see we got clickbank builder all amazon youtube um all right i think i’m gonna go with clickbank for sure on this one and we’re gonna put this in the second row right so if you guys don’t know what clickbank is it’s basically just it’s a big um affiliate marketplace where there’s all kinds of different products you can promote and mainly all the products on clickbank are digital products and they’re in multiple different.

   Niches so uh clickbank i think is good uh the only thing i don’t like about a lot of the products on there is they have pretty high refund rates right so usually the sales pages are more aggressive right they run via sells um so they have a little bit of aggressive marketing but a lot of the products on there they convert so good because of that you know aggressive marketing so there’s some pros and cons with clickbank um i think it’s best to run clickbank and promote clickbank products if you’re doing paid advertising so this is specific if you’re doing like facebook ads or.

   Native ads is something i tried recently so guys i actually did just make a video um i actually just tried out promoting clickbank products using.

   Native ads right so this is a paid traffic source and i literally made like three hundred dollars my first day doing this so if you guys want to see that video um i share the full tutorial i show proof of my earnings and everything like that if you want to see that video i’ll put a card up right here just click that card and you’ll be able to watch the full strategy on promoting clickbank products as an affiliate so anyways that is going to be business model.

   Number five let’s move on here to.

   Number four right so we have four left um i’m gonna put i think i’m gonna do youtube right even though youtube’s been so good to me um i don’t think i can put it.

   Number one for everybody yet simply just because youtube is something that takes a lot of time right it takes a lot of time to really build up your channel for me when i first got started right it probably took me three months to get my first thousand subscribers so it really takes a while to get the ball rolling but it’s something that’s consistent and you can make a lot of money from in the long term right so if you’re if you.

   Need something quick you.

   Need some more quick results youtube probably want to be the best but if you’re down for just a long term business model and you don’t mind it taking six months for or a year to actually make you money right then youtube might be for you so youtube’s all about picking good.

   Niche and once you’re in that.

   Niche then you can really monetize well through stuff like affiliate marketing um even youtube ad revenue and also selling your own digital products or services right so for example um if if i were to give you some advice if you’re just starting out on youtube right let’s say you want to go into the finance or credit score stuff like this like this kind of.


   Not only rank for keywords but make sure you can actually rank for the keywords so i would recommend getting a tool like tubebuddy for example and it’ll show you how hard it is to really rank for keywords on here so for example right if we’re trying to rank for how to fix your credit score fast right that’s what your youtube channel is going to be around let’s say budgeting and credit and stuff like that right as we can see tubebuddy this chrome extension if i click here it’s going to give me a custom review based on my specific channel right and as you can see this is a very bad keyword for me to go after it’s basically saying i’m.

   Never going to rank for this keyword right because it has a lot of competition um the optimization strength is super high simply just because of graham stefan he has a huge channel and his videos are going to dominate these keywords.

   No matter what so anyways let’s try that basically tells us we.

   Need to try a different keyword so let’s let’s see if we do how to fix your credit score on your own let’s see the difference as we can see right immediately goes to excellent if i click here for the score based on my channel right.

   Now we have a 92 out of 100 just from fixing literally three words so i would go after a keyword like this right so that’s how you want to do youtube especially when you’re just starting out is really do a lot of research and try to rank for keywords and just make sure you’re in it for the long term all right so let’s move on here to the last couple business models we have on here and um i think i’m gonna do.

   Number three as amazon fba so i think i’m gonna put this in here along with so this is like the a column um as you can see a lot of business models in here um so anyways amazon fba this is something i did literally like right before i started affiliate marketing right so i actually went from a marketing agency to amazon fba to affiliate marketing so when drop shipping marketing agency amino amazon fba and then affiliate marketing finally so again i tried a lot of different business models i kind of had shiny object syndrome so hopefully you guys can just pick one of these and get really good at them that’s when i truly found success.

   Now with the amazon fba the reason i put it so high is.

   Not only because i made money from it right and i think it’s still a good way to make money but i’m also just a fan of being able to flip products right going to different online websites and you know finding products for cheap and then selling them for a profit on amazon or going to different retail stores in your area right finding products and then again buying them and flipping them for profit on amazon right so i think that’s a cool business model it’s a great quick way to make money plus.

   Not only that right but what i would do if i was doing this business model like from today starting from scratch is.

   Not only would i make money flipping products from amazon right but what i would also do is i would document the whole process right i would film myself going into these stores flipping the products finding the products showing how to do it right and i would either start a tick tock or youtube channel showing my process right just documenting what i’m doing and what i would do right is i would be an affiliate for a course i would be an affiliate for an amazon fba course showing people how to do it right so this way you have two income streams right off the bat right you have the amazon fba flipping products plus you’re documenting your journey on one of the social media platforms and you’re going to be an affiliate for one of the courses that you took to learn how to do amazon fba right so for example someone who does this well is a guy.


   Nate hurst right he just goes around to marshalls and he makes simple tick tocks like i get paid to go shopping right 200 000 views right and he doesn’t even have to talk in the videos he literally just shows what he’s doing and all kinds of people love this content and i’m sure he makes a lot of money from selling his courses and stuff like that right so i would just be an affiliate for a course like his right and just put out a ton of content around this kind of stuff so anyways that’s going to be the.

   Number three business model let’s go back here so i’m probably going to be a little bit biased here just because obviously from what i do full time but we’re going to put tick tock at the very first right here and the reason i’m doing that is because it’s.


   Not because i made tons and tons of money from tick tock i’ve made probably you know at least ten thousand dollars in commissions from tick tock.


   Now right.

   Not a huge amount but tick tock is something i’ve.

   Never seen so many people get so many you know leads free traffic views right literally super fast and i’ve seen beginners like literally have their videos go viral and i’ve seen people who you know struggled for years in the online marketing industry finally find success through tick tock right again it’s.

   Not for everyone but a lot of people are getting tons of traffic off tick tock and making tons of money super quickly so i’m going to show you an example of this right i’m.

   Not going to just go to this guy like i just showed you i’m going to go to my personal account so i started this account about a year ago i didn’t start posting consistently until around five months ago and i was posting consistently for a while and i wasn’t getting much traction right and.

   Nothing really happened like i was still making sales i was still making money for example i was getting like some videos had 15k views 2 000 views right so it was making me a couple sales a day maybe one sale per day at the most which isn’t bad right until recently right check this out also in one video had 269 000 views.

   Now this one video alone within 24 hours it brought me from 7 000 to 20 000 followers it got me 1500 email leads right so 1 500 email addresses and it got me around 25 to 30 customers on the product i sell within 24 hours right and that alone will result in tens of thousands of dollars in commissions for the.


   Next six to six months to a year right so that is pretty crazy and this is why it pays off to be consistent because if you’re consistent for three months right one of your videos is going to take off right and all of a sudden you’re going to get all kinds of results in and once you get those results right.

   Now you have more followers you have more leads you have more people know about you.

   Now it’s more likely for another one of your videos to take off and it kind of just keeps creating that spiral effect so being consistent on tick tock and being an affiliate for product i think is you know one of the best ways to make money online right.


   Now so anyways let’s move on and we’re gonna go to the.

   Number one way the.

   Number one business model that i think is to get started online and this is if you’re passionate about marketing digital marketing stuff like that and this is going to be promoting a software like build rail right so if you guys don’t know what builder all is it’s basically a digital marketing platform with all the tools in one location so anyways we’re going to put this as.

   Number one.

   Now this is something that i’ve made the most money from so i might be a little biased here but again right the reason i love this so much is.

   Not only because it’s a great product i love the.


   Niche it’s a growing.

   Niche it’s going to be around for a while but it’s also got recurring commissions right and i just love the idea of residual income coming in every single month.

   No matter what happens if my youtube channel gets deleted if my tick tock gets deleted right i know i’ll still have money coming in so this is going to be builder all.

   Now let me show you a little sneak peek of build rail it’s basically an all-in-one digital marketing platform so their goal is to have you know basically every tool you’ll ever.

   Need for your online business all in one location for one affordable price right and this is a huge solution that so many people.

   Need because so many people are paying five different softwares you know 100 bucks a month and again their goal is to give you just one good affordable price for all the tools so anyways these are kind of all the tools they have inside of here again massive massive software on here and like i said i really like their affiliate program so if i go to affiliates real quick okay so as you can see i’m on my earnings right here and this is just loading up real quick so i’m going to go to my current earnings and you can see i’ve been paid around 530 000 in u.s and around 17 000 euro um i have fifty seven hundred dollars available and around three thousand dollars uh pending right so anyways as you can see i’ve made a lot of money from this affiliate program so i’m a little bit biased here but like i said the reason i like it is because since it’s a subscription software right people pay for every month right i get commissions that roll in every single month right so it’s a recurring affiliate program and i’m.


   Not sure why this is unloading probably just.

   Need to refresh the page but anyways if you’re wondering like chad how do you actually promote this product well what’s cool about this is i do it through a lot of these different social media platforms right so i use tick tock to promote builder i use youtube to promote builder all and i also have all kinds of different funnels i use to promote this product right so for example this is the free course i give away to people if they want to sign up to build raw and actually become an affiliate and promote it right so if you are interested in promoting builder out and getting access to this free course that will be the first link in the description below but anyways if we go over to the done feed campaigns right this is what you’ll have access to and we have seven different funnels that you can actually promote builder all with right and these are seven of the top funnels um basically that anyone has ever used to promote builder all right so the first one is promoting the digital marketing tools uh so there’s all kinds of different people who can use builderall and we kind of just you know all these funnels target all those different demographics right so that’s the first one the.

   Next one is the funnel club offer we have a funnel for that and each pdf it gives you access to the funnels the email swipes the free traffic all that good stuff and then we have done free campaign.

   Number three this is the free affiliate marketing course angle um and then we have my first commission challenge angle uh that teaches people how to get started with affiliate marketing and then we have um basically we’re going after coaches on instagram who are selling fitness services or they’re a photographer and they just.

   Need a funnel right so this is start collecting leads and then we have double free campaign.

   Number six this is one of my friends funnels who promotes builder all and their funnel does a really good job of it so i brought their funnel into our training so people can have more options to promote and then last we have we have dunphy campaign.

   Number seven again this is another one of my friends funnels he’s actually one of the top affiliates on builder all and he has a funnel that converts really well so we put this inside of our done free campaign so you can access it right here as well so anyways those are basically the seven funnels we use from our builder with um again there’s a lot of different people who can use a software like builder also we have a lot of different angles a lot of different funnels to really reach all those people and make sure that you know it doesn’t get too competitive because we have so many funnels in here so anyways this is my affiliate marketing boss course it teaches you how to promote builder all as an affiliate how i’ve earned you know over a half million dollars in commissions and we also have all kinds of training on traffic right so everything you.

   Need on traffic and then we have all kinds of bonus training as well we have all all of our coaching replays we do prize awards and all kinds of cool stuff like that so anyways if you guys do want to access affiliate marketing boss and get started with what i think is the.

   Number one business model to start online then click the first link description below and with that being said guys let me know which business model you want to start uh let me know if this tier list you think is good or you think it.

   Needs to be tweaked around a little i’d love to hear you guys feedback with that being said guys thank you so much for watching this video if you did enjoy and you want more videos like this i can do more tier lists with traffic sources with funnel stuff uh if you want more stuff like this just drop a like and subscribe to the channel if you’re.

   New with that being said guys thank you so much for watching this video and as always i hope you guys have a great rest your day

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