NIMA – Master Class on Mind Reprogramming by Seldon Tenzing

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   Now and i’m doing it okay thank you let me look at the chat yes loud and clear is my video video visible as well i hope my um internet is supporting me today awesome awesome thank you so much i’m super super super duper excited for this master class on mind reprogramming um and the reason why i’m so excited is because we’re living in such a unprecedented times right we’re all living in in an era which i think we probably would have only thought about in in hollywood movies or bollywood movies or hollywood movies right like who thought that we would be going through an era where our business would be hit our health would be hit and we would have this basic fear of even talking to another person right so thank you so much for joining in my my mission is to empower you guys uh i have been fortunate enough to have a lot of mentors in my life so i want to give back the same uh to you as well and thank you so much and what we’re gonna learn today uh okay hold on all right so so what we’re gonna learn today is a master class about your mindset.


   Now why is this mindset even important why are we doing this one hour session of uh mindset right why is it so important and then second what i’m going to address is i’m going to address the three mistakes that each one of us go through okay.

   Not just you.

   Not just each one of us go through and that limits your potential um okay someone ashish kumar is saying i’m unable to hear i think it should be your uh micro or your audio if you could check guys if you can hear me can you quickly type in another yes guys please so that i know that i’m.


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   Need your 100 as well okay awesome all right so let’s get back so what i was thinking saying is that second thing that i’m going to talk about is three mistakes that limits your potential and the third thing that i’m going to talk about is a slightly technical version of how really your brain works we.

   Need to know the mechanics as well right before we start reprogramming and working in your brain we.

   Need to know a little bit about your uh your mechanics first thing i’m going to address is what is your identity identity code so each one of us have an identity a personality the way we think we behave right what is that code super super essential to understand that i’m going to deep dive into that as well and finally how to reprogram your mind right this is something that i think everyone is excited about everyone asked me you know how do i do this how do i do that so this is the how master class today if you’re wondering how you can take your control of your mind this is how you can do it and i’m going to deep dive into that as well and finally last but.

   Not the least i have a surprise for all the participants uh because i love to give surprises and and this surprise is going to be right at the end so you will have to stick from the beginning till the end you have to stick from the beginning till the end all right so guys ladies and gentlemen whoever is on the on the webinar today take out your pen and.


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   Notepad have a pen and please write down because i’m sure there’s going to be a lot of value given to you i’m going to do my best and giving you value so who’s excited i want to see who’s excited to learn today who is excited to learn today if you are please type in excited the word excited if you’re excited to learn today in the chat box yay how many participants do we have we have 37 including me so i was exciting a little more today maybe because it’s a work day for everybody so that’s awesome all right so before before i dive into this okay some of you might know my story but i think most of you don’t know who i am who i am right so if you would like to know who i am what is my story what is what gives me the right to even stand in front of you and talk about this this topic yes is that okay if i share if it’s okay please type ok so that i can move forward all right awesome i see some very very familiar faces and.

   Names i would say awesome so i i come from a beautiful state called sikkim and uh unfortunately i have but i lived in uh uh delhi all my life i was born and brought up in delhi i did my entire education in delhi so i first graduated in international business and uh from shillong college of commerce which is a delhi university and then i come from a service background okay so my whole family has been in jobs and things like that so my my obvious uh choice would be to do a job to get a job right so i started with an education company uh i did.


   Not like it so much then i jumped into the media lifestyle vertical i hated it even more and then finally i jumped into the twosome side of the uh of the verticals so and i think that’s where my my career really took off i want i want to show a very familiar picture to all of you i think you would know the similar face gentlemen this good-looking gentleman right here uh so i have been part of the travel trade for about 11 years 12 years i’m losing down 11 years and i work with the best of the brands i’ve been so fortunate to work with the best of brands here some of the brands i’m sure you know disney i work with universal sea wall with orlando florida miami kissimmee uh chic outlet venetian macau budget it’s open airlines so i’ve i’ve really really explored different varieties of chosen products and i’ve been an expert in marketing and sales with these kind of brands absolute wonderful life that i’ve led and in the corporate at the same time i don’t know how many of you know this i’ve also been a trained professional dancer so i’ve been a professional dancer uh i you know it’s a funny thing because growing up i had uh i i well i was i grew up with such a tight conservative environment and i was.

   Never really allowed to pursue any hobby so when i started to do my work my job and i got that earning potential i was like okay.

   Now is the time when i’m going to go ahead and do my hobbies right so that’s where i started my first dance class and my first job and then one thing led to another and i just wanted to do it as a hobby but one thing led to another i became a professional that’s it like i started training myself uh five days a week six days a week i did events i did performances i had my own studio i was teaching it was such a wonderful wonderful life like i’ve been so privileged about that and then almost a decade of.

   Nine and a half years of doing everything working in the corporate life and doing everything there was a turn in my life this is what i became i don’t know how many years i don’t know how many of you were ever in a job before but after a decade of job this is what i became and the reason why i became this is.

   Not because i hated my job.

   Not because i didn’t love what i was doing but because of the corporate politics and you know the people around you are always trying to pull you down i am an ambitious person i wanted to grow further and there was a class feeling that i was.

   Not able to break and and every time i tried to break that somebody would pull me down and absorb me into uh you know all kind of traps i hated that like i knew like this was.


   Not me and i.

   Needed to get out of the shackles so i decided to do something very very interesting in my life which is i quit my job i quit my job so then i thought what do i do.

   Next and then i said okay the only logical step at that time was entrepreneurship right so this was a massive shift in my personal life because like i said i come from a family of uh service and.

   Not just service government service like my dad has been a doctor with the central government for 35 years.


   Now retired and so it was extremely hard for me to move from a job mindset to come into the world of entrepreneurship and to see what it is so you know there was a lot of things on the stick at that point of time so what did i do i started my choose a marketing company uh uh i mean india i for experienced kissimmee which is the tourism tourism board of kissimmee florida united states and i did.

   Not just stop there what i did simultaneously is like because i had to prove this to my dad that yes i’m good enough you know i had this whole bringing up journey like growing up journey to prove my dad all the time so at the same time what i did is i also started a business and e-commerce.

   Networking companies into lifestyle bragging uh holiday lifestyle products and things like that and you know what and i thought that yeah this is my life this is going to be amazing i’m out of this corporate drug i’m going to work hard which i did i walked in day in day out i stopped hanging out with friends i stopped uh literally sleeping eating having fun watching movies everything and i just wanted to you know build something show it to my dad make money be successful show it to everybody and and then everything was great but after almost two years i was falling apart again i was falling apart again.

   Nothing was making me happy at that point of time i was just end of the day i was making money but i was stressed i was uh making money but i was.


   Not happy i was growing financially but i was uh you know i felt trapped so i’m like what the hell is happening like and after a certain point of time i realized even money didn’t drive me anymore like that i realized what is happening i came i was unhappy in the corporate i came out of corporate i got into entrepreneurship.


   Now i’m unhappy.

   Now what the hell is happening you know and so i went what did i do.

   Next i went into a whole different spiritual journey to find passion in my life partners and i went into a one year of massive community service i just went around and i did whatever i can to help other people i started working with underprivileged children you can see this victory gorgeous kids such a soul i started working with academies institutes colleges and i started coaching students there i started working with different associations i started speaking everywhere so i just did whatever like whatever my knowledge base was marketing personal development everything related to personal development i started to go left right center and i was like i’m going to contribute contribute contributors and i am just going to live my passion and what i realized is i made zero money out of this okay zero money out of this but the happiness that i got back was 100 like i love this journey so finally i realized that i found my passion and this is just.

   Not my passion i know this is my life’s calling which was into coaching and when i the moment i realized this i then i realized okay i.

   Need to.

   Now start upgrading my skills right because i have to if i’m trying to help you i.

   Need to help you in the right way there has to be system there has to be techniques there has to be strategies this is.

   Not motivational speaking my friend a lot of people think this is motivational speaking this is.

   Not motivational speaking so what i did is i went on a personal growth journey with mentors like i don’t know how many of you know tony robbins is the world’s.

   Number one strategist uh mel robbins uh and our pink on so i went on this whole personal journey with his mentors and i wanted to.

   Not just.

   Not just a country but also to also have my own uh uh what do you say um self growth i.

   Need to work on my own stuff because obviously i am.

   Not self-aware as a person there’s.

   No way that i can help you be there right so i went into the school journey of being self-aware learning learning learning learning reading researching and everything amazing right so finally who am i today all right so i’m the founder of zingler’s tourism marketing which is the tourism side of the business and i recently became an investor and advisor in the startup e-commerce company which is 24 breeds and i’m also a life coach a business coach and a speaker that’s my website and i do uh one to one oh oh was my video.

   Not on okay okay so um sorry for the introduction so i’m also like i said i’m a life coach business called speaker my website is uh mentioned right here i do one-to-one coaching i do group coaching it’s being an amazing journey and i’m also a author in the making i’m coming up with a book called entrepreneurology and this whole concept of this book is do i want to help people start their businesses you know i want to help people identify their passion break the limiting belief their fears get over their fears and start and following the life that they want to live and live at their full potential and in just in a short span of a year i’ve impacted over 700 people and i have collected hundreds of testimonials and i couldn’t fit everything on this page but i have so many so many good feedback coming in i feel so blessed that i’ve been able to contribute and make a difference in people’s life who actually wanted it who had taken that decision taken the decision to change their life because we we all want to change things right but we.

   Never take that decision so these people took the decision to actually do something about it uh get a coach get coached and and sit on a rocket and shoot up to the moon right that feels so good and that’s where i think i just want to be clear uh that’s what coaching is all about you know people ask me a lot of things what is coaching why do we.

   Need to get coached everybody.

   Needs a coach today you know whether you are in any field whether you are a ceo of a company or a ceo coaches today or if you are a um a sports person even sachin tendulkar has a coach today i mean of course he had a coach always i mean if he without a coach there is.

   No way that you you know would be able to go to your full potential because there’s you know believe it or.

   Not there are times that we.

   Need that hand you know we.

   Need that holding hand we.

   Need that somebody who’s gonna hold your hand and pull you through we have we.

   Need that push at times and that’s what coaching is all about it’s about strategy it’s about uh it’s about planning it’s about action taking it’s got really.

   Nothing to do with motivation speaking so so i just wanted to clear that about a lot of people think i’m a motivational speaker all right so let’s stress about me so let’s deep dive into the main topic but before that i want to understand who is ready to take action and what we’re going to learn today who is ready to take action because you know what i’m why i’m asking this is because i can i can go on and on all day about strategies and methods and this and that but if you are.

   Not ready to take action do you think it’s ever going to make sense it’s.

   Not it’s.

   Nothing is going to make sense so i want to understand who is ready to commit commit today that they’re willing to get out of the comfort zone and do a deeper work within themselves who is willing to commit that if you are ready to commit that please type i commit in the chat box i hope people are.

   Not sleeping because i can.

   Not see anybody right.


   Now everybody’s cameras are also closed so if you are ready yes i commit let’s see diwan hi you’ve attended my session before i don’t think you’re committing um yes guys it is so important i want this commitment from you guys because otherwise everything else that i’m going to talk about is just going to be gyan i will become another gyan baba and then you know.


   Nothing is going to be fruitful great thank you so much so why are we talking about mindset today why why are we even doing this today let me let me uh understand one thing let me let me hear from you guys what do you think is mindset if i have to ask you what do you think is mindset how would you define it can you put in the chat box quickly and tell me what you think what is your definition of your mindset what is your understanding of mindset i want to see quietly dj is being focused okay okay what do you think is mindset i mean we’re doing a one-hour session on this attitude okay my hair says attitude yes absolutely starts going in the brain yes absolutely thoughts fast fast yeah yeah yeah you all are right mindset and simple terms if you really have to break down and lay mindfulness basically what you think right it’s what you believe in the way you see yourself the way you see the world the way you perceive the things around you that’s your mindset it’s your attitude you’re right absolutely right so why is it so important well this is the course this is some this is a research that i saw which is very interesting according to stanford psychologist derek uh carol dwick it’s your mindset it’s a mindset that plays a significant role in determining achievement and success it’s your mindset so check for yourself you know we’ve been we’ve here today wherever we are you know whatever life you’re living in this is all a result you know i keep intersecting a lot they’re on that crazy criticizing so this is all the result of your decisions right of some kind of action that you have taken in life this is a consequence your life today is a consequence of certain decisions that you have taken in your past right what is the basis of decisions your basement decisions has always been experienced and your thoughts right your experience is also related to your thoughts right so where does this cause come from it comes from your mind it comes from your brain right so do you think do you think understanding your mindset is important yes or.

   No do you think it’s important or.

   Not important if you think it’s important type yes if you think it’s.

   Not like.

   No and yes so it’s it’s super super crucial yet i.

   Need so many people my friends and could be one of you check for yourself i.

   Need so many people to major in two categories of people one one kind of one person says one type of people say you know what uh guys don’t be shocked okay we’re very good with me because i’m dead too much effort too much.


   No time so busy with work so busy with kids why you have to learn psychology yeah there are two kinds of people broadly check for yourself have you been in that space because i have been in that space i have been i have been in that i’ve actually been in both the spaces where i’ve complained where there’s.

   No time and then i’ve complained that i know everything you know i’ve been like proud that i’ve known everything so and and entrepreneurs i know most of you here or almost all of you here are entrepreneurs today business owners of some kind from my travels my travel friends all my travel friends are here i’ve got it i’ve got to let you know this business success if you’re looking for business success business success is 80 psychology and 20 skill 8 write it down on a piece of paper right.

   Now on a.


   Notebook business success is 80 psychology and 20 skill but check for yourself what have you been doing till.

   Now a lot of people come to me and say marketing or sales or.

   Networking digital marketing unfortunately and then they want success you want to be successful but you have to understand 80 is a psychology game of psychology knowing self-awareness knowing about yourself knowing about other person knowing about your clients knowing about your team members knowing about everybody so this is super super important if you want entrepreneurs here listen to me clearly if you want a business success you’ve got to work on your psychology you have to commit working on your psychology and your self-awareness and everything all right let’s go to three mistakes that stop you from unleashing your true potential well frankly speaking there are a lot of different mistakes a lot a lot a lot of different mistakes like sometimes i get crazy looking people hearing people making mistakes but i want to just quickly highlight three of them the first one is living in fear instead of living in possibilities what does this mean we’re living.

   Now today especially we’re living in this era where we are surrounded by fear all the time right fear of health getting corona virus so you can’t go out you’re locked out anyhow your fear of losing your business your fear of losing your job your fear of relationship failing there’s so much of fear you’re telling you watch a.

   New channel every morning and then they’re like bombarding you with fear fear fear and fear right so we’re all living most of us are living in fear into a living possibility.

   Now what are possibilities possibilities are basically opportunities your opportunities that are beyond your fears that if that you know if you are able to come out of that fear the zone of that fear you will see possibilities these are your dreams your goals your things that you want to achieve in life and i i truly believe in the living in the possibilities and i truly believe and i’m telling you with so much of conviction confidence each one of us have the potential to achieve anything you want in life anything you want in life.


   Now when i say anything okay that doesn’t mean that you’re going to grow wings and fly across the ocean okay let’s still be realistic here but i mean any goal any vision any dream that you might have it’s possible to achieve it you can do it right sounds motivation as well you might take it as motivation but this is a possibility this is this is living in possibilities and this is the truth so today we’re living in fear more than living in possibilities what’s mistake second mistake waiting to feel ready before taking action oh my god you know i don’t know check for yourself have you ever thought that you know you want to take an action you want to do something really important you think it’s going to be good for you for your life for your business for your family for your anything but you know what the action lena so people can say has this happened to you if it happened to you please type yes again let’s because i can’t see anybody’s i want i really want to have some interaction and and hope that you guys are awake and listening to me yes but the truth the truth of the matter is my friends you will.

   Never feel ready to do anything.

   New and i will tell you why in the.

   Next slide i will tell you what you will.

   Never feel ready everything that i’ve done in my life from professional dancing to starting my business to starting.

   Now another business so getting into different different verticals i have.


   Never felt ready but i knew one thing that is good for me that was enough if it’s good for me i am taking action i’m.

   Never going to feel ready my insights are under survival the third mistake that people do is trying to be perfect i am personality-wise i’m type 1 perfectionist.

   Nature i had this massive problem of being perfect which became perfect on a day you know anything you want to do even in the job even when i write emails i used to be like okay this has to be so perfect the language.

   Needs to be so correct this has to be so correct well.

   Nothing wrong with it.

   Nothing majorly wrong with it but the problem comes when this attitude starts to stop you from actually doing something because perfectionism is also some level of fear there’s a level of fear you’re living in fear that’s hidden behind in your subconscious mind what kind of fear could it could be fear of.

   Not good enough you know maybe i’m.

   Not good enough people would like it and do something about right yes right so you’re always trying to be perfect you want to launch a product you want to launch a service i’m talking about in business or you want to talk to a client you want to make presentation always trying to make it so perfect end of the day absolutely you’re right time.

   Nickels ahead the moment is gone and you just sit down like so this is the third mistake that stops you from unleashing your true potential right awesome awesome well the reason why i know these mistakes happen it’s because of your brain so if you feel.

   Now don’t start beating yourself up and say hey i’m pathetic i’m bad i’m.

   Not good enough because it’s okay you know why you do this mistake because our brain is designed in certain way that makes you do all these kind of uh show all kind of behavior so what i’m going to do.


   Now is i’m going to deep dive into your brain psychology a little bit okay maybe it might get a little technical but please stay with me guys because if you understand this you will know how the mechanics of the brain is and that’s where the reprogramming can start all right okay i again want to see some energy guys can you give me some energy if you’re excited i’m excited do you want are you excited to understand how your brain works yes yay i wish there was some kind of sound coming back and you know cheering and things like that i was so excited i missed the time when i do when i used to do seminars and everything that’s so much fun awesome awesome awesome all right okay so personally as a person i have been upset about research and the workings of the mind so i’ve done so much i’ve watched i’ve followed i’ve read i’ve researched different experts from the field of.

   Neuroscience quantum physics.

   Nlp which is.

   Neuro-linguistic programming and a lot of spiritual philosophies as well to really understand right and and what i discovered was like super super interesting so i want to just make it more easier for you so imagine how a brain okay i’m going to use a brain and a mind as a synonym okay so that it doesn’t get confusing so atg’s and brain and mind are behaving right so i tell people like brain is like a super computer computer right computer program computer my input is an input of profiles and it processes certainty and gives you an output right our brain also functions in a very similar manner so what is your input here your input are your thoughts right you’re thinking the voices in your head constantly moving around 24 7.


   these are your inputs and then your brain processes that information and gives you a certain kind of result or answer right that’s your output so when i was wondering when i was looking at this thought control menu and a mind control menu that’s.


   Not true that’s a sick uh that’s a false idea your brain your mind is in your control because your thoughts is in your controls your mind right so then at the same time i was like okay i got mine may control my hair so how many of the living liberties we get up in the morning at around the same time every day on the same side of the bed we get out we have breakfast at the same time people were going to office today from peril lock down say we go either we go to the office at the same time uh we reach a workplace at the same time meet the same kind of people do the similar kind of work come home at the same time everything is a routine isn’t it you agree with this everything is a routine so what has happened is according to cognitive.

   Neuroscientists by the age of 35 we are conscious of only five percent of the cognitive activity when i say cognitive activities basically your brain activity by the age of 35 they’re conscious of only five percent of cognitive arteries but is our past person of consciousness what has happened to the 95 percent the u.s 95 brain activity is a memorized set of behaviors emotions attitudes beliefs and perceptions 95 is a routine today that you have set over your lifetime.

   Now and that’s exactly how habits are also created habit what is the habit thing you do one activity simultaneously repetitively for a period of time and over the period of time you realize that you know that becomes a habit your body accepts it your mind exercises and you’re very comfortable with that emotion and that habit that’s how habit is created so 95 of your brain activity my friend is a habit and only five percent is free will but the five person is conscious you’re trying to take a decision wow this is interesting like i for me it’s like super interesting i hope you’re.

   Not getting bored of this i hope it’s.

   Not getting too.

   Nerdy so another fact that i found very fascinating was according to my.

   National science foundation an average person is about 12 to 12 000 to 60 000 thoughts per day wow that’s a lot of thoughts in our head right and interesting enough 95 are the exact same repetitive thoughts as day before so and you’re thinking the exact same thoughts which is which you thought your day before.

   Ninety-five percent which means life i pretend is your habits right and even more interesting is in that research phase 80 of that repetitive thought also that you’re thinking is.

   Negative thoughts 80 of his.

   Negative thoughts so which means you’re.

   Not just getting up in the morning and thinking about your old thoughts you’re getting up in the morning and you’re talking thinking about your.

   Negative outcomes interesting right so whatever why the three mistake that i’ve talked about that is a mistake because you’re designed in such a way that’s your brains are designed your brain it’s a memory bank okay okay before i come to the point i want to give you an example your brain is also like a memory bank so computer hair brain the computer may have a memory bank right so what this memory bank does is it connects all your past experiences okay it connects all your past experiences and it records this in a memory bike all right and then what it does is and when you wake up in the morning it starts to think of all the past experiences.

   Now with this past experiences it is also connected to your emotions everything you do is also connected to your emotion because there’s certain meaning that you give to our past experience okay let me give you an example so that you don’t get confused uh i’ve given this example in my previous webinar because this is so powerful for me personally for me like i live in a dual play house and uh so my room is upstairs and i and there’s a flight of stairs connecting to my room okay and uh one time what happened i woke up in the morning a lazy morning and then i was trying to come down for breakfast i didn’t realize my uh my housemate had mocked the entire stairs and it was freshly wet and like a heroine i was walking down the stairs so i and i trip i slipped right from the first step and i went all the way down falling down to the end of the bottom of the step and i really badly hit my back and i i cut my hand i was bleeding from my hand and i was like my back was hurt and i had to travel in a week it was crazy so that experience left a very deep impact in my head okay and my brain kind of started and then what happened is every time i and it has this happened two years ago by the way but till date every time i try to come out of my room and go down automatically there is a sensor in my body that gets activated okay i start to feel some kind of anxiety i start to get those the moment i look at the stairs i go back into that experience of falling down and that pain and you start reliving that emotion and i almost and you know what i did when i i had this really on the side and i immediately catch hold of that dreaming really and i walk down while holding that railing otherwise i cannot calm down so what this again what this brain has done is my brain has captured that memory experience it has given an emotion it has given a meaning to it the meaning is danger danger be careful we have fallen down once we can fall down again be careful and it activates all kind of uh.

   Neurology you know.

   Neurons in my head so coming back to that what i was talking about the brain activity so what it does is imagine if you’re every day you have similar thoughts going in your head you have.

   Neurons in your brain the.

   Neurons get fired get activated every time and because you’re doing it repetitively these.

   Neurons can become hardwired there’s a pattern that becomes you know and they become so hardwired after a while that that you want to break obviously up overnight right so it takes time so it becomes hardwired i hope it’s making sense i feel like an absolute.

   Number today and and another thing that i wanted i want to explain is your brain is very very primitive your brain is two million years old and and it is still um something.

   New if the brain is two million years old and it is still primitive to an extent all right let’s imagine stone age let’s and food then we wanted to get food so even that survival mode so your brain is still in a survival mode today so it’s.

   Not designed to take risk and growth but is designed to protect you from external conditions whatever you’re feeling sometimes you feel fear sometimes you feel uh you know all these behaviors that i talked about that stops you from your full potential it’s a.

   Normal behavior because your brain is desired in such a way so when i actually started to understand all of these things i started to beat myself a little less because i’m a you know perfectionist type 1 perfectionist and i’m like and i’m very very ambitious that ways all right so this is a formula that i i learned over the years and i want to share this with you that your thoughts drive your emotions which drives your actions which drives your results right so let me give you another example what like for example when i um for example can i give you like when i wanted to be a professional dancer right uh my thought at that time was like yes i want to learn professional dancing what was my emotion attached to it yes i’m excited i’m driven i’m going to i’m committed and what action did i take i did massive action i did massive action of going to the classes training on weekends i used to train 10 hours.

   Non-stop like a crazy person and the result that i got was professional i became a professional dancer right if you’re that’s a positive thought if you’re.

   Negative let’s say uh uh let’s say let’s say let’s say let’s say let’s say what what.

   Negative part are you getting today uh corona rider situation uh if you think you are so uh if you’re afraid of entering out because uh you think you might catch the virus what kind of emotions are you gonna feel you’re gonna feel scared you’re gonna feel uh frustrated what kind of action are you going to take really.

   No action right you’re going to just sit at a lockdown and sit at home like i’ve been doing and the result is really.

   Nothing much right so your thoughts really drive the results so we all have goals we all have uh dreams we want but you know we.

   Never we.

   Never really go back and see what our thoughts are all right wow a lot of people.

   Now you know um right so people you know if somebody is going through a problem you know okay let me let me ask you this i think uh this this is a very funny thing which i feel is if let’s say you’re having a problem you have some you have a crisis you’re losing a job let’s say you’re losing a job or a business and uh and you you’re trying to tell this to somebody and saying you know what my business is failing this is happening and someone says think positive how many of you have can i have another yes if you have heard people saying this think positive subtitles but you know what i’m going to say there’s something which is contradictory this is something which a lot of people might.

   Not agree to i don’t believe playing positive thinking works and i don’t even think motivation works i think motivation is garbage it doesn’t work at all it’s to me right because positive you know it doesn’t work because what we’ve what what works is we’ve got to understand what drives those thoughts let’s again come back to self-awareness my friends what drives your thoughts because like a plain motivation thinking each other you know what i would do today i would wear a superman super woman sorry costume and i would go to the roof and i would shout in the top of my lungs saying yes or everything is gonna be okay but you know what everything is.

   Not gonna be okay because you’ve got to take action yes you can say motivation is a temporary release some gp is saying that yeah absolutely it’s very very temporary i can pump you up for uh today for one hour and then.

   Next two hours you’ll be charged and you say yes yes i will take action fifth documentary by the lunch keys so what works guys what works and i’m going to talk about what works.

   Now listen pay attention more look at this cute baby how cute is he like i fell in love with this baby’s picture you know when we were all born right when you’re all born we came as a clean right look at this baby’s picture we were all born like this a baby has the ability to poop and eat at the same time right it would care less about anything in life right then what happens is when we came in we had.

   No thoughts we had.

   No program set in our head but we when we started to grow up what happened we started to start interacting with the environment subsequently my parents.

   Negotiated something better don’t do this don’t do this do this don’t do this and then your friends come and say something then your teachers come and say something your relatives come and say something environment more everybody starts telling you something something something something something which becomes your belief system your set programs is.

   Nothing but your belief system your belief system is basically what you believe about yourself again what you believe about the world it’s almost like this just jeshmar that i’m wearing today this belief system is like my specs okay and this special if i let’s say if i wear a red color speck i would see the whole world as red.


   Necessary that the world is red but i for me that’s the truth my whole because i believe that the world is right because i’m looking through the specs if i wear a blue specks i would see everything blue right so this is these or every one of us have certain belief systems set in our heads and that’s what formulates our identity code that becomes our identity that becomes our actions our decisions our thoughts everything is driven by a belief system and that in your identity that is your belief or your identity.

   Now your belief in your identity can be stupid it could be.

   Negative and it could be positive as well.

   Now your positive belief is very good okay it pushes you forward it drives you forward it makes you take action and get your results but the problem comes with your.

   Negative when your beliefs are.

   Negative in your you know and my thought is like i want to lose weight right but i saw that they must be peachy but like huh really you want to lose weight your lazy ass diet for the control henny exercise do you think you’re gonna lose weight you know there’s always these.

   Negative voices in our head that is talking to you constantly that is trying to push you back these are your belief systems yes limiting factor because i call it a limiting belief because it’s what it does it limits your potential and it stops you from becoming your uh opening your true potential and living your best life so when you have so what are these limiting beliefs that i want to give you a certain example and then i’m going to do a quick activity with you so that will help you reprogram i can give you i’ll give you an exact strategy to how you can start reprogramming your mind what are these limiting beliefs let me give you things i’m.

   Not good enough like i have this limiting belief i am.

   Not good enough for perfectionism limiting belief i’m.

   Not good enough unfortunately i can’t commit okay i want each one of you i hope this slide is clear i want each of one of you to really go through this limiting belief and uh these are just a very few examples they could be 20 they could be 100 there could be 200 there could be 1000 limiting beliefs in one person it’s very much possible and i’ve seen it myself so if you just out of these 23 examples that i have do you relate to anybody if you relate to anything just write the.

   Number maybe on the chat box just write on the.

   Number you relate to.

   Number five point.

   Number five or point.

   Number 15 or point.

   Number 18 or or anything else that’s.

   Not part of this limiting village part of this example you could write anything that is stopping you today all right awake are you uh i can’t love myself conditionally i.

   Never will have enough money you know this is the limiting belief that i grew up with money is so hard to earn you have to work hard to get success all the time hard work is the only way to success my dad has his limiting belief he thinks that only other people can get rich he cannot get rich i am too old to try something a lot of this is so common i’ve seen in people i’m too old to try something in many times know three like uh something to say three i don’t have the ability to protect myself emotionally yeah very common emotionally.

   Nine higher deeds i always mess things up uh it’s when you’re integrating wow that’s a huge limiting belief my friend who who wrote this video we just know like i can show you the strategies but you really think limiting beliefs let me give you an example in fact there was a a travel agent from bombay uh and uh this person uh came to me with a business problem saying i can’t find clients i can’t grow my business i can’t uh you know i can’t seem to convert anything so when he started the coaching process with me oh my god the limiting belief that he had was i hate.

   Net i’m bad at.

   Networking and i can’t meet.

   New people imagine you’re in a business of.

   Networking and you can’t i hope this example makes sense right so we have we have all these limiting beliefs that is actually stopping you from doing what you really want to do in life 19 is and too old yeah prashanth absolutely right too old i tell my mom all the time i said mom you can do this you can learn this my mom has a standard example saying i’m told for this i gotta do this technology is well some things are true but most of things are self-created here in your head which can be programmed and that is the good.

   News that is the best.

   News that i can give you today awesome all right so do you want to learn how to re-program your mind do you want to get over and become unstoppable starting today this session is about being unstoppable do you want to really reprogram your mind and be unstoppable yes yes yes yes yes yes i want excitement i want the power yes yes yes yes absolutely you guys you guys are wonderful all right okay here is the strategy here is the strategy you guys the secret technique this this is actually i use in my one-to-one coaching session hey sanjeev yes.

   Nlp so i’m good i yes you’re absolutely right i’m going to talk about an.

   Nlp technique today this is a secret technique first of all okay first of all let me go back to this slide i want you to since you’ve identified the limiting beliefs what you have what i would like you to do is i want you to write the exact opposite complete opposite of what it is in a chat box push me again limited belief if i’m.

   Not good enough okay i’ll let me give you my example i am.

   Not good enough for mera opposite positive beliefs i am a rock star i am a rock star you know how rocks i love the whole concept of rockstar because rockstars are people who are so confident who are so energetic they’re charismatic on stage so whenever i you know i come in uh i even right before the master class i was telling myself i’m a rock star i’m a rock star and it gives me that energy okay and i want you to make this more powerful like something like rockstar some with a big adjective i will start today powerful i have limitless potential i like that i like that it’s.

   Never too late can you make it even more stronger ravi kumar can you try making it more more stronger something which is more than listen i don’t know how old you are programming changes a sentence will master myself to control my emotions you know i have sanjeev let me tell you i had the same thing you know what i call myself i call myself an emotion healer i call myself an emotion healer i.

   Not only i believe that i.

   Not only heal my own emotions i help other people heal their emotions so you know this is so powerful i’m a wizard of uh creativity or anything you know so i want i want you to guys make something very powerful make it like a fun objective you know something that i feel low and energy i i called i called myself i’m an energy bunny you know how energy bunnies are they will do the same energy today is the best day today is the best day ever i like that best ever so i want you to get these limiting belief these positive beliefs and and what you’ve got to do is to create a habit it requires a reputation right it requires reputation so there’s.

   New beliefs that you will be creating today tomorrow whenever you’re going to create this you’ve got to make it a habit of repeating it in your daily activity cycle okay some kind of some level of affirmation kind of system but there are affirmations again uh positive thinking myth you also have to back it supported emotional evidences.

   Now what does this emotional evidence mean your brain also works like a cid fbi whatever you like the idea is yes the moment you start thinking your thoughts what your brain does is it looks for evidence if i say i’m.

   Not good enough today you know what my brain will see your brain will say yes you’re right you know why because the other day you did something you messed up something you know you were.

   Not good enough or you read this or you did it starts to dig out all the.

   Negative evidences and the end of the you say huh i’m right i’m.

   Not good enough you keep validating your own statement right okay if i say i’m a rock star right and i think why am i rock star and i think when the rockstar well you know what i did this webinar that day wow the first webinar i did like today how many people are there.

   Not a lot of people my first webinar i did i had 500 plus people on that webinar amazing amazing response and and i remember that feeling and i was like yeah i did such a fantastic job people loved it such great state that i’m a rock star you know so you have to find those emotional evidences every single day and like chant it like almost like a mantra a habit takes about 21 days minimum to start seeing that shift it’s almost like going to a gym if you want to build a muscle a bicep you go into the gym and work for an hour you come and stand in front of the mirror do you think you will have biceps you have like any form of shape of muscles.

   No right but if you do it for a week you do it for a month you do it for two months you start to see some shift right and that is what is how your brain works in a similar way so you have to be added you have to be constantly added so that’s why i put a.

   Note this is.

   Not a overnight process i put this.

   Note specifically because you know what a lot of times people come to me and say they ask me solutions you know magic pill doctor parasitomole guys i cannot give you the pill i can help you through this i have a 10-week program that i take people through on how to reprogram your mind and it takes that much of 10 weeks time three months time to actually see a shift in your own personality in your beliefs in your strategy in your actions everything so it’s.

   Not an overnight process it has to but i still wanted to give you this technique because some of you even if two people start applying this your life may change and i’m going to be very very happy about that right the reputation of.

   New beliefs plus emotional evidences i want to give you another strategy which i personally do it every single morning without fear okay that is priming your mind you have to prime your mind planning is basically a preparation okay presentation if you’re if you’re athlete if you’re playing cricket you have to prepare yourself right you’re only going to prepare your mind you’ve got to do a priming and how you do timing what you.

   Need timing you.

   Need discipline strategy basically fundamentally rocket science right i’m sure you’ve realized by.

   Now but what is tricky is that the part of discipline the commitment and what i do i want to i want to share a ritual with you that’s going to help you create that discipline in you in your daily life because i do it and it has created a magnificent the person i have become today is all because of the priming that i’ve done over over the years so i want to share that priming uh strategy with you is are you there guys are you excited about are you still excited or have you come back if you’re excited be sad excited yes yes yes you’re waiting you’re saying yes excited awesome you guys you guys are amazing amazing amazing so like this picture shows it’s it’s issues meditation right um so and.

   Now i’m.

   Not saying yeah baba mandaria but i think there has to be certain rituals wherein you can reflect on yourself okay and i’m going to give you exact steps on what you can do because this is what i do the first step i do is the breathing exercise okay and just deep breathing because what breathing really helps me is it it helps me calm down there’s so much of.

   Negative voices going on ahead it helps me calm down right so that’s how i started with a breathing exercise i do i do three sets of uh breathing exercises to calm myself down bring that attention focus and then the second thing that i do is i practice gratitude.

   Now why do i do this what is i give myself three beautiful moments that i’m truly grateful about three anywhere could be a big moment could be a small moment i give myself this three practical moments and i live i go and live back in those moments i try to listen to what what happened back then what i was saying what what the other person said or whatever that feeling is and you try to live into that gratitude moment again and what the power of the gratitude is awesome awesome 10 of them yes absolutely you could do you could do 10 you could do 100.

   i do three right so i do and i live in that moment and what gratitude the power of gratitude is it helps you get back into a beautiful job because gratitude makes you remind reminds you of things that you are that you have okay otherwise all those things that you have in your life it makes your mind that and you feel uh of uh and it makes you remind of those things that is in your control so it gives you a beautiful beautiful feeling so i do practice i remind myself of three three pieces of gratitude third thing i do is i do my prayers and chants and it could be anything it could be mantras whatever religion or whatever anything that you mantras and friends and then what i visualize is i visualize like a golden light or white light coming into me and i also visualize that i am sharing that light with everybody around me my friends my family my relatives strangers the world whoever around the world i imagine giving that life to everybody and the fourth thing that i do is i come to visualization of my goals so i do three goals every day i visualize them three things that i want to achieve in my life and and i don’t just visualize them i live it i visualize it in such a way that it’s done you know it’s done i have it and you know it’s in me uh i’m celebrating that moment i am enjoying that moment you know everybody around me whatever you whatever your goals is and live that moment i feel that gratitude i feel that excitement i feel all of these things i feel has already happened and guys i want to give you another analogy which is so powerful and that analogy over the time has changed my life and that analogy is i call it living in the highlights living in the highlight zone what does this mean let me give you an example let’s see see i’m sure all you know all men most men are here so cricket mother cricket killed in the bottom so then by eight o’clock.

   Nine o’clock you’re going back home okay you like fill in the highlights of the exception you know so you’re going back home and and on the way on the way in the traffic jam you’re sitting in a champion you see a lot of people on the road celebrating firecrackers celebrate what would you think what would you assume look india’s or flagler put in the chat chat box what would you have what would you do india actually what would you have assumed india one right india one you see oh yes india people are celebrating uh so you go then you’re excited then you go home and you’re like okay tell me i like it so you have to work here over let me go over here so you start watching the highlights okay.

   Now let’s say half of first half of the match is over india is india is let’s say 22 runs six wicket down half time over india 22 runs half wicket.

   Now six wicket down 22.

   Now and tell me one thing guys would you be what would you feel at that moment would you be afraid would you be scared what kind of emotion would you feel at that moment please write down a chat box i want to hear what sort of emotion will you feel that is then comes dhoni yeah enjoy we will still make it absolutely will you be scared will you be worried will you be like freaking out.

   No you will be excited because you know the end result it how did he change the game he was so excited about that right so this is called living in the highlight and my friend you’ve got to learn how to visualize your goals in such a way you’ve.

   Not just got to think how millennials you’ve got to live in it you have to think is it done it’s done it’s yours it’s only about the journey it’s only about the timeline it’s only about taking action on journey men of course of course journey is.

   Not going to be straight it’s going to be like this you’re going to be have ups and you’re going to have doubt but every time you go down that doesn’t mean that i feel like it doesn’t mean like that you have it’s all part of that journey because that you have to reach your point b and.

   No matter what happens you are confident it’s confirmed that the result is yours this is the power of visualization living in this highlight guys this concept has changed my life it took me a while to get into that zone again because every time i try to get in the zone again those limiting beliefs covenants they have to follow again like i my big dream is to have a tv show okay i want to interview people i want to have uh i want to do a uh internet show and things like that like that’s like i wanna i wanna i don’t know a big scale.

   Not a small scale like that’s my big picture i wanna have a production house i want so many things and you know when i sit today and i look forward and i tell you myself are you crazy like a production house like you have.

   No uh you know you have.

   No experience you have.

   No money you don’t have that much money you don’t have smoking you know one of the things there’s so many limiting beliefs coming to head but today i’m pretty confident that you know i will make it there it could be five years it could be 10 years it could be 15 years i don’t know that is my journey but i know i’m going to be there right so this is what the power is and the last thing which i do which is super crucial as well is ask yourself empowering questions.

   Now you have to consciously ask empowering questions so this will help you to uh get uh emotional evidences so i have this set of questions that i ask myself every morning while i do part of this ritual i asked myself why am i a rock star why am i work stuff you know and my brain automatically goes into the three id mode and looks for evidence and says hey you know why because you’re awesome because you did this you did that you know and i tell myself and then my second question asks is why does money come to me so easily why am i money why why am i able to grow money so easily and it gives my brain starts to give me all kind of evidences and examples and support your brain can be your best friend my friend it’s your choice your brain can become your best friend or your biggest enemy this is like my favorite line it is everybody and most of times we make it our enemy but you can make it your best friend by these empowering questions i have you can have 10 empowering questions 20 30 40 100 i don’t care whatever you.

   Need and look at your wheel of life look at your life whole span of life.

   Not just like business or career but your health your relationships your family your friends your physical environment and everything everything look at yourself see what is the vision of your future yeah i don’t have some empowering questions for all of you hope it’s making sense okay someone here has read me you’re living someone says here you’re living in a life of fantasy it is easy to be said then to be done is this a is this a limiting belief i want to i want to hear this from lightning i don’t know who redmi is so i saw madam whoever this is you’re living in a life of scientific are you you know this is one of the big limiting beliefs but it’s possible because you.

   Need discipline everything which is discipline with right strategy would it’s possible anything you your potential is limitless my friend you have.

   No idea you are functioning in probably five percent of your potential today it’s limitless since you deserve more and this is a surprise for people who are still here on the end oh two people are locked out i see i am going to give i was expecting more people on the call but that’s that’s okay i’m gonna give 10 people first 10 people who follow my page my facebook page my instagram page it’s already there and following that’s okay i’m going to if you send me a message i’m going to offer a one-to-one discovery session 30 minutes to one hour discovery session people have already taken it already.


   Need to try this again that’s okay but people who are.

   New here and you want to really explore themselves more i am happy to offer you a free discovery session.

   No cost at all.

   No you will have to write this on my facebook or my instagram page and and let me just show you give you my uh uh my my page information my facebook page is talent as using growth strategist my instagram is student english strategies i have a youtube channel with television google strategies my website my email everything’s right reach out to me on one to one basis and we can schedule a session to understand where you are stuck today where you are standing today where you can go and how you can do it right and so that’s all i have thank you so much i want to tell you guys i am i believe in you if.

   No one has said anything to you let me be the one to tell you i believe in you and i believe i truly believe that everyone’s potential is limitless absolutely limitless and there’s.

   Nothing in this world that can stop you from doing what you want the only person that can stop you is you the only person that can stop is you yourself but stop being your own enemy learn start being self-aware get a coach today if i did.

   Not have the different courses i spend lacks and lots of rupees to get this information to absorb this information to get that handholding to get that guidance in order for me to stand here and be able to share this with you guys it’s.

   Not a simple journey but it’s absolutely possible so thank you so much i would love to see you and uh uncle you’ll have to reach me out separately my bulldog forget there’s too many chats coming in i’ll miss it we can separately text uh text talk if you would like to have a session and we can take a session all right so i’m i’m kind of done here so i want to take up questions do you have any questions right.

   Now you’ve been a wonderful try any questions right.

   Now that you would like to say would you come like to come on the call or would you like to do a chat with me um anything else yes hi hi children good afternoon uh this is uh

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