ZuluTrade is a trading platform: automatically copy other successful traders.

ZuluTrade is a social trading platform that allows traders to automatically copy the trades of other successful traders. When it comes to following trading strategies on ZuluTrade, there are a few things you can look for to identify the most successful traders:

Historical Performance: Look at the trader’s past performance to gauge his ability to consistently make a profit over time.

Number of followers: A trader with a large number of followers can indicate that he is trusted and respected by other traders.

Drawdown: The drawdown is the maximum loss a trader has taken on a trade. Look at the trader’s historical drawdown to see how much volatility you can expect in your portfolio.

Trading Strategy: Understand the trader’s trading strategy and whether it suits your investment style and financial goals.

Market Factors: Keep an eye out for market events and trends that may affect a trader’s strategy.

Trading Frequency: Note how often the trader performs trades. Some traders may trade more frequently than others, which can be good or bad depending on the strategy.

Commissions: Check the commissions you will have to pay when following a trader. Some strategies may charge higher commissions than others, which can affect your profitability.

Position Size: Check the average size of positions the trader takes. If the position size is too large relative to your account size, it can increase your risk.

Time on platform: Check how long the trader has been trading on the platform. A trader with more experience on the platform may have a more consistent track record than a newer trader.


Diversification: Consider diversifying your portfolio by following multiple traders with different trading strategies. This can help reduce the risk of a single strategy failing.

Always remember that there are no guarantees in the financial market, and that it is important to manage your own risk and do your own research before following any trading strategy.

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