ZuluTrade + Lieutenant Dan 4.4% monthly average!

ZuluTrade Lieutenant Dan (Lieutenant Dan) 4.4% monthly average!

ZuluTrade is an online platform that allows investors to automatically follow and copy the trades of experienced traders in Forex and other financial markets. Traders can publish their strategies and trades on the platform, while investors can automatically follow and copy those trades into their own brokerage accounts. The platform also provides analysis and risk management tools to help investors make informed decisions about which traders to follow and how much to invest in each of them.

Here is a link to the trader’s profile page on ZuluTrade. The trader in question is named Lieutenant Dan and has a return on investment (ROI) of 63.22%, a Sharpe ratio of 1, and a win rate of 82.9%. He currently has eight copiers and his recommended minimum investment is $828.

So far, he has performed 1,264 trades, with a total profit of $541.61 and an average profit per trade of 0.04%. Its winning trade rate is 82.9%. He mainly trades currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY and his strategy mainly involves technical analysis.

4.4% monthly average!

While its rate of return is attractive, it is important to remember that every investment involves risk and that past performance is no guarantee of future results. It is essential to carefully evaluate the trader’s strategy and profile before investing and to be willing to assume the risks associated with any investment.

+ info www.tenentedan.com

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